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  1. Maybe not what I've done TO, but what I've done WITH my Wheel Horse today. No pictures, but me and my D-180 spent about 5 hours grooming a new cross country course for our local school district of which I am the middle school cross country coach. The land, which was a former strip mining operation, was donated to the park district. The course was bulldozed into shape, but it was rutted, rocky and hard. Grass would never grow. The parent's group raised the money to have dirt hauled in (probably 150 yards so far). It was strategically dumped on the course. Then, one of the parent's club dads borrowed his dad's Kubota to spread it out in small piles. Rather than hand raking those piles by hand over the 3.1 mile course, I loaded up my horse and graded every pile into submission using my mid mount grader blade, then dragging a couple of recycled plastic landscaping beams behind it across the route, smoothed out all the deviations and made it ready for grass seed. Still not quite done with the whole course, but my D made short work of what could have been a long, manual process of raking those piles by hand. I wish I had an odometer on the thing. I probably put 8 miles on it the last couple of days.
  2. tommyg

    Cyclone rake

    Same here. It's a pretty big opening to trim, but it works just fine. It'll fit.
  3. Thanks for the offer. I've got a 25 hp Command in there now. I'm a little leery of something that's designed for half that HP. I think I'm going to try redoing my manual set up a bit first and see what I come up with. I little tweaking might be all I need. Will let you know how it works out.
  4. Thanks, Paul. It just seemed hard for me to believe that one little bracket could absorb the rotational force of the clutch when it was engaged. Seemed to me that it needed to be bolted to the engine somehow. You would think that perhaps someone would have designed some sort of mechanism to absorb the initial shock of the engagement. Where I work, we would be replacing pump bearings and seals on 7 and 12 HP electric water pumps virtually every year. Then we decided to outfit them with soft start VFD's. I'm not sure we've had even one fail in the last 4 years. You would think someone could come up with a similar mechanism for an electric clutch. As I was thinking about this project, I was reminded that when I replaced the original engine with the Kohler Command, I had to add a piece of metal about an inch or more to the top of the clutch throw arm because I had to bend the control arm differently to get around the engine. By doing that, I decreased the distance that the arm was able to move the throw arm when I engaged the clutch. Now that I look at it, I might be able to go back to the intended design and just put a couple extra bends on the control arm. I've already added a stiffer spring, but it's just not quite cutting it. Might try this first and see what I come up with. I feel like I should be able to bog down the engine before the clutch starts to slip, but that's not happening currently.
  5. I’m not sure I’m in the right place for this post, but I’ve got a leaky hydro cylinder on my D180. It’s the primary one that lifts the deck, snowblower, etc. I could take a chance on finding one on ebay, but I was wondering if there’s an alternative besides used.
  6. Anybody? I contacted the manufacturer of one particularly clutch I was looking at and they told me that these clutches are highly regulate for safety reasons and they could not give me any advice replacing a manual clutch with an electric. I’m just guessing at this point.
  7. Geez, it seems like it's been forever since I've been on here. Hope you guys didn't miss me too much. Based on the fact that I had no notifications waiting, I'm guessing not. Lol! Anyway, I'm thinking of putting an electric clutch on my D-180. Some of you might remember that I replaced the original Kohler K series 18 hp twin with a 25 HP Kohler Command when I broke a rod in the original engine and could not find any replacements. With the modifications I had to make on the clutch linkage, and the fact that I've also outfitted this machine with a 60" deck, the existing manual clutch just can't generate the pressure against the plate that I'd like. The clutch surfaces are fine. Does anyone have any experience with an electric clutch on your D series? I want to maintain the 2 pulley system to drive the rear PTO. What do I need to know? How the heck to those things enen attach to the engine? They all seem like they're earmarked for a specific machine, but are they somewhat universal in design? Some photos would help. I've got a 1 1/8" shaft to work with. Plenty of length to make any forward/aft adjustments.
  8. tommyg

    What do I really have?

    You know, reading through this thread makes me appreciate all the knowledge out there. You guys are beyond amazing!
  9. The rarest implement I've ever seen would be one of my kids cutting the grass. No wait, I can't say I've ever seen that. Never mind. It doesn't exist.
  10. tommyg

    Uneven cut - One blade lower (slanted)

    I experienced a similar problem on my C125. I removed the deck and put a straight edge across the three blades. Turned out that one of the spindles must have come in contact with something hard at some point and it deflected the entire deck. So on that particular blade, it was cutting a half inch lower than the others. I was able to muscle it back into position, rechecked with the straight edge and the problem went away. If you find, with a straight edge, that one blade is lower than the others on both sides of the blade an equal amount, you might consider trying a washer or two under the others as a spacer. Just a thought.
  11. tommyg

    deck height

    OK, so let me rephrase that. Anyone with a 520 and a 60" deck... what's the max height you can get from your mower?
  12. tommyg

    deck height

    A couple years ago, I did a couple modifications to put the 60" WH deck under my D-180 to replace the flimsy 48" deck it came with. The conversion went perfectly, but there's one thing I can't figure out, and that is why I can't get the deck to cut any higher than about 2 3/4". Anyone else do this same conversion who can chime in on whether or not that's to be expected with this deck?
  13. tommyg

    Hydraulic Mower Lift

    T-Mo, that was the one thing I was worried about. I retrofitted my d180 with a 60" deck. I was afraid it would stick out too far. I did a chat session the the folks at Bradley Mower. This is what they said... "It (the deck) may rest on the ground. We have not had any reports of damage. I have seen that it does rest at those size decks. We have used them in our local shop with customers who had decks that size with no problem."
  14. tommyg

    Hydraulic Mower Lift

    By lifting in the front, you really can't get underneath that well because the jack is in the way. This method gives you a clear shot at everything in my opinion. The actual foot pump is on the opposite side. You can't really see it in the picture.