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  1. Does it take the double "D" type? I think there are 2 different types for the D series. Find the factory part #'s for the deck you have then cross reference them.
  2. catman81056

    Driveway material suitable for court

    If you live near a concrete plant you might check into the price of washout. Thats the stuff thats washed out of the truck at the end of the day. The plant I work at crush's it and sells it. I have it in my drive and when it hardens after being wet, well its pretty hard. On the flip side, when its wet its pretty slimy. The best thing it did for me was give me incentive to build a back blade for the "D", to get the ruts out after winter
  3. catman81056

    Adding an ATV electric winch on a WH

    That is a mess, I think which ever way you go you're going to leave ruts if you mow to close to the mud. I'd creat a buffer zone and use a push mower for the soft sections.
  4. catman81056

    Explain this!

    Well if it were a normal 4 cycle engine, the show would be over when he pulled the plug. No compression, no fire, nothing to push the piston down. You can see the top end of that engine looks odd, I'm betting it's a shell over the real one. And the exhaust could be routed as normal. Remember, if it looks to good to be true, it probably aint. Just my .02
  5. catman81056

    D- series question

    The D series front PTO is the front portion of the shaft that runs to the back. You can see in the pic the front splined stub, thats the front PTO shaft. Just remove the plate and your ready to go.
  6. catman81056


    Did you try changing the fluid and filter? Other than that, it sounds like the pump is getting weak.
  7. catman81056

    Sears Craftsman Roto Spader

    Did it look anything like this?
  8. catman81056

    wheel horse tractor elektrical problem

    Not really sure what you're saying.
  9. catman81056

    What is this?

    Thats a clevis hitch. Its used to attach clevis type attachments to the rear of your tractor.
  10. catman81056

    Belt size/cost

    Did you happen to click on the link? It is a OEM toro belt.
  11. catman81056

    Belt size/cost

    You'd be surprised by the prices that turn up on eBay every once & awhile. OEM on the cheap. An example: http://cgi.ebay.com/7473-Toro-V-BELT-OEM-c...=item20b8e137b0
  12. catman81056

    Hydraulic hoses

    You'll probably have to get adapters. The fittings are SAE Straight thread ORB. Eithe #4 or #5. If you can screw a fine thread 7/16" bolt in the hole its #4, a fine thread 1/2" bolt makes it a #5. I just did all 4 hose's on my Electro 12 $70.00. If I had to do it over, I would use the shorter 1/4" JIC hose fittings. I used the longer ones and they were alittle tough to work with. This place has them all: http://www.discounthydraulichose.com/ Example: http://www.discounthydraulichose.com/product_p/fjx-w.htm http://www.discounthydraulichose.com/JIC_3...teel_p/6400.htm http://www.discounthydraulichose.com/JIC_3...s_90_p/6801.htm I used 1/4" fittings and 1/4" hose. These are all crimp fittings, but you can get the reusable for more $$$. I have access to a crimp machine is why I went that way.
  13. catman81056

    mower deck

    In the up position, look at the mid attach-matic on the left side. Is the inner part of the "U" shaped deck bracket hitting the lock release? Thats what I'm running into. I plan on doing some fab work to the deck brkt to cure mine. Other than modifying it I see no cure.
  14. catman81056

    mower deck questions

    Might try sending Kelly an email. He usually has just about anything you want and good prices to :hide:
  15. catman81056

    Electric PTO replacement

    Try a post in the wanted section, or eBay, but grit your teeth :thumbs: