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  1. glide

    520H muffler removal

    I can not budge the muffler in the rear head for removal any help appreciated.I have soaked with kroil and ran the machine to temp and nothing seems to be helping.
  2. glide

    onan p220 carb

    My 520 has been sitting since spring,and on start up it now runs for a very short time and then starts to flood out with fuel rising through the five ports on top of the carb.I have cleaned the carb and re assembled and it still is the same. The tractor ran fine when last used.Any suggestions?
  3. glide

    Tall chute snowblower

    Thank you Kelly. I question how much grease really goes through those tiny holes in the dead of winter,but I always did grease on a regular basis.I too use the Bel-ray cycle chain lube it does stick good and does not just run off the chain.Thanks for the advice.
  4. glide

    Tall chute snowblower

    Any luck with those numbers ?
  5. glide

    Tall chute snowblower

    It does have the zerks , do you have a make and number of the replacement?
  6. glide

    Tall chute snowblower

    Thanks Kelly. I forgot to mention this blower was set-up for a later model (2002-2003) vertical shaft 416 xt I believe,the tractor is my brothers. On this unit the shaft is shorter and is lower on the blower housing as it pulleys from the center of the tractor rather than the side like a horizantal shaft,and the sprocket is fixed to the shaft(welded). The sprocket will not go through either flange hole so on the pulley side I had to drive the bearing up the shaft so I could pull it back and then up and out of the the sprocket side side plate of the blower housing. The shaft was severly worn on the pulley side because the bearing collar must have come loose.The shaft is pretty expensive but at least I crossed the bearing to a reasonablely priced option at the bearing store $15.50 compared to $49.95. Just need to order the shaft and fit it back together.Thank You again for the response. You wouldnt have a shaft for this model set up by chance. Mike
  7. How do you remove the sprocket shaft from a tall chute model 79263 (1998).
  8. glide

    520 dash decal

    Well Toro sent the same decal again and said that is the only one available and that it does show on their parts finder but is wrong. :dunno:
  9. glide

    520h years?

    Do all 1991 and later 520s come with gear reduction steering?
  10. glide

    520 dash decal

    Toro part manual for 1993 shows a double cutout for switches and that part number, does not distinguish color.So hopefully in a few days we can compare it to what Toro customer service has sent .
  11. glide

    520 dash decal

    Did yours have the cut out for the test switch and did all the indicators match the decal,this one has a few indicator locations that seem to be different.Curious to see what Toro sends me.
  12. glide

    520 dash decal

    The wife left the camera in her classroom will post asap.
  13. glide

    520 dash decal

    Just went to the barn to look at mine again. Definatley red and also noticed it does not have the cut out for the test switch.I do not even see how the red indicator would be visible. Do any other models use a similar dash with no test switch but all the same indicators? Called Toro and they said mayby a part that was packaged wrong.They are going to send the correct one, so we will see.
  14. glide

    520 dash decal

    Just got a new dash decal from Toro for a 1993 520 and it is red , the part number is 78-8350,is this correct. Never saw a red one in any photo I have ever seen