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    Family first and foremost. Gardening with the Wheel Horses I love And I cant leave out my old girl, a 1951 Farmall Cub. Love my garden tractors.

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  1. sshell

    Found 416-8

    I found a 416-8 while driving around the other day and stoped to check it out. The owner was not home so I just gave it a quick look and left. Its in OK shape. Been left outside probably its intire life, faded and rusted. No ideal if it runs. Looked like a 48" deck side discharge. Has wheel weights. I will be going back to check onto it further if I can catch the owner home. My question is with the very little info I gave, how much should I consider for an offer to the guy? :thumbs2:
  2. sshell

    GT 1600

    As you can see from my avatar I altready have a GT 1142. I think it is a great machine and with the trust washer setup on the pto it has no problem I have found. Now I ran across a GT 1600 and stoped to talk to the guy. He new nothing about it, he is one of those junk trader guys and took it in a trade. It is in good shape and the engine turns over freely but does not run. It is a 16 HP Briggs. and has a 48" deck that turns freely, no rust through. I offered him $100.00 and he laughed and walked into his house. Discusion over. What do you think? Should I try to deal with this guy or mark it up as a loose and forget about it. :thumbs2:
  3. sshell

    48" DECK ON A 310-8

    I have a GT1142 with a 42" deck. It has an 11 HP Briggs and has never gevin me a spec of problem. I have been thinking of getting a 48" for it and Know it will be no problem. Just dont try cutting your hay with it:)
  4. sshell

    Toro- wheelHorse 264x4

    :( , WOW man, WOW
  5. Hello gents, I have not been on the sight as much as I would like for the past couple of months but I have checked in and love the snow removal pics from everyone. I did manage to get the 702 together and have pushed a bit of snow with it as well as the work horse, sorry I did not follow up with pics about the 702 rebuild, my camara is fried and waiting on tax return to get a new one Well to get back on track I cant wait for spring and plowing in the winter rye. I expanded the garden by about 100' in length so I'm getting anxious to start on the garden. Anyone else feeling the draw of spring gardening? Steve
  6. sshell

    Starter/gen belt

    Hi gents! I was looking at the starter/gen belt on my k161 and noticed it has no size or numbers on it. i then checked the k181 and the k241 and same thing no numbers or any id at all on them I have never actualy replaced these belts and need to. I looked up the belt for the k161 and came up with #231446-S. What I would like to know is the size such as 3/8" X 20" or whatever the size would be. Any ideas guy's? I guess I'm just :imstupid: tonight, i cant find the info. Thanks Steve
  7. sshell

    Best Way to Break Ground

    I like to turn over the ground with a Brinly type plow. Then smothe it out with a furrow or disc. As you can see in the pictures I turned over new ground on this part of my garden expansion. Cant wait for spring :hide:
  8. sshell

    my first wheel horse

    Nice find I noticed that alot of us also have Farmall Cubs, I love mine. Just use the Horses four time as much as the Cub I am impressed everytime I use my Horses at the work they can do.
  9. sshell

    Picking up another

    My 702 is my first love and my most thought of when I make planes to do work around the place Hope you get her and :hide:
  10. sshell

    What is your set-up?

    I have 2 boys and 2 girls. My boys are 14 and 12 years of age and both love to work the Horses. My girls are 8 years old and 8 months old, the 8 year old loves em as well.
  11. sshell

    Why do you collect these tractors?

    I have not been around for awhile, work stinks at the steel mills, bad just bad. But anyhow when I was a kid my brother who is 5 years older then me had a friend that had a wheel horse. 8 horse round hood. Then another friend of my brothers and our future brother-n-law picked up an acorn burner and it started my love of whell horses. My uncle had a D160 and a gt-14 as well. I played with them all at one time or another and went "mudding" with the friends 8 horse many times :horseplay: . Pretty much didnt have one of my own until I came across a deal on a round hood and parts tractor for trade for an old snow blower. Well now the rest is history. This is the tractor that started it all for me. I have her back together now and love every minut I get to spend on her.
  12. sshell

    Fall plowing continued

    Thanks guys, I am getting a couple loads of manuer, bad speller When it comes in I'm gonna till it in.
  13. Hello gents, i made it home from work in time to do some more fall prep on the garden, My sons tyler, James and nephew Jae helped. SORRY FOR THE GREEN THINGY Here I'm pulling a type of spring tooth cultivater that looks like it was the wing off a larger unit. Here is a closer look at it. Here is my son James having a blast. Here is My eldest Tyler helping out on a green thingy. Here are some more pics, hope you like em. The deere is pulling a spike tooth harrow and the garden is smooting out good. Steve
  14. sshell

    Fall Plowing

    I finished up at dark so I will disc Thursday when i get home from work. the 6-12's worked great, I thought they would be to narow, live and learn. I also picked up a spike tooth harrow and will try it out tomarow as well. I'll take more pics Steve
  15. sshell

    Fall Plowing

    Thanks Gents. I used 6-12 tires on the back, all I had, and they hardly even spun at all. Old girl showed me a thing or two and never got tired. I have to admit that it was a blast :horseplay: The soil here is real good, original Kankakee river bottom area. My sons and nephew took a turn at it as well, can tell the differance between my 275lbs and there 100lbs here is another pic. Steve