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  1. Lars

    Happy Birthday Lars!

    umm wierd.. im normaly a day ahead..
  2. Lars

    Happy Birthday Lars!

    Thank you everyone for the attention of my birthday. The day was celebrated on the balcony in the glorious sun with coffee and cakes with friends and family.. Lars!
  3. If your point on map is correct it is around 250 km or 3 1/2 hrs of driving... I will send you a Pm Lars
  4. About 1 hr from Me to Charlottenberg.. not to far from kongsvinger
  5. I live in Norway Pat.. prolly around 3-4 hrs away from you.. Lars
  6. @rwilson Im really sorry for your loss... me and Wayne had a lots of hrs in the chatroom here in RS.. and he became a real good friend of me.. It was always joy and a lot of fun when we talked together. Gona miss that dude.. Wayne is one of the good ones.. Hugs from over the pond.
  7. Well i think skipper has covered all whit shipping across the pond.. but whit right contacts and everything it possible to do it.. @Pat Jayson not so many Rj's are around in Denmark, i know of 1 or 2 and some Suburban's 400/401 and the UK guys have (ALOT) of them in sweden and norway i think it is close to zero of the Rj's but i have one..Erly Rj58 that im not sure what to do whit yet.. Lars
  8. I guess the pulley you are looking for is a castiron pulley that looks like this one. Lars
  9. Hi Lars,


    Steering the tractor to a work site for the digger is ok as it is but if I where to detach the digger unit and use the tractor alone, a correct amount of teeth in the gear would be preferable...


    I thought welding could be a way but if you have the part thats better. 


    What kind of money are we talking about, for part resp shipping to the southmost of Sweden?




    Rickard alias Horse Digger 

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    2. Lars
    3. Horse Digger

      Horse Digger

      Paypal går bra, vilken mailadress ska jag sända till och hur mycket?



    4. Lars


      Hei Rickard..

      jeg skal sjekke med posten hva det koster men det var fra 289 til 350 som jeg fant ut på nettsiden til posten..

      men hvis du vil så kan jeg få sjekket det eksakt..



  10. Lars

    312-8 Test panel and test switch.

    Hi guys.. im looking for a 312-8 testpanel(redlights in the dash).. does anyone have one in good cond for sale.. im also looking for the aircleaner cover to a kohler magnum 12 hp.. and a choke cabel.