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  1. poodle

    She's home!

    I would Kill for a 953 or 1054 your a lucky lucky man!
  2. poodle

    She has eyes

    if you start to sell them I have to have a set so keep us posted if you start to sell them
  3. poodle

    Diesel Horse

    does any one know the engine model# I'd love to make a clone of this bad boy
  4. poodle

    Project Puller

    that's one heck of a machine I wish I had a 16hp on my puller and I must say I'm also a bit envious of the tires and that's a massive filter you have on your carb how did you get that thing to stay on there?
  5. poodle

    five lug rim's?

    hey fellas I had another idea for my plow machine for the snow next years snow season.Does any one know if Chevy five lug rims fit the wheel horse five lug hubs?
  6. poodle


    well I was gona do it so I could pile the snow higher and drive it in the yard without digging it up everytime i hit a bump but I never said the cool look wasn't a factor in wanting to do it :omg:
  7. poodle


    rollerman I have a 1056 that i use for plowing and I do have a friend down the street that's a machinist. So if it has to be shaved it shouldn't be to bad I thought the challenge would be more in the steering?but I did really think of swapping the front tires I have to check but I think I might already have 8 inch rims on the front.I don't have them poly filled but I do have original wheel weights for them when you changed out your front tires and spindles how much more room would you say you gained?
  8. poodle

    THE show, with THE group!

    how many pics did you get of the wicked crawler?
  9. poodle


    hey guys here's my crazy idea not sure about you guy's but I personally would like my snow plow to lift a bit higher. As most of you know with any plow frame long or short it can only go so far before it hit's the front axle . I thought after talking to a fellow wheel horse man he modified his front axle assemble for pulling. Well I thought I could swap out my front axle on my 1056 for one off a 1054 or 953 so I could get the extra height i want and just modify the steering linkages to work. i was wondering if there was any one out there that might be so kind to give me some measurements. like what diameter spindles this style axle had?How thick it is were it bolts to the frame? and a width from center of one spindle to the other? OOYAA there's a post with a pic on here some were with some funny gear box thingy's that were put on the transaxle of a tractor to give it more ground clearance. Any one know what post it was and if they were a custom job or not ? because that might be a possibility too instead of just bigger tires in the rear . well hope to hear some wise info and may be pick up an idea i haven't thought of yet . thanks guys
  10. poodle

    Mike's 654 Diesel project

    how bout a put to work video?
  11. hey guys well as usually when things go wrong they really go wrong. My 1056 is well the grunt of my two tractors I use it to plow in the winter and pull in competition the rest of the year.Well this is were it starts!This winter I discovered just how long the previous owner let it sit outside uncovered when the transaxle froze and wouldent even shift,or roll.I managed to thaw it and put new gear oil in it ,but when I checked it after the first run it had so much water in it still it looked like eggnog.Well when spring finally hit I stared her up took of the plow and bing bang boom threw the rod . now that she is down and out until I can get that 12hp from Wayne (crazywheelhorseman) I figure now is the time to fix every thing I can and the list is long and growing . What the best way to go about it could I out gas line water remover treatment in it and run it then drain it ?, or should i just pack it with oil and let it sit so the water separates then drain it? what have you guys done in the past and what worked best for you?
  12. poodle

    What to bring?

    Well I say bring the 702 I'm a big fan of the round hood's my self I'm bringing my broke down and beat up 1056 I'm getting a new engine from Wayne (Crazywheelhorseman) and gona take a few lessons from a few more educated horseman :thumbs:
  13. I'm sure your Grandad is smiling about that fine peace of machinery or if he's like me right now nice work Brain!
  14. hey guys sounds like a great time I have to check the calender but I'll Pm you fireman if I can go but I just might have to if Crazywheelhorseman has a engine I could use my k241 on my 1056 puller threw the rod not sure yet if it's salvageable and the first pull is in April :thumbs:
  15. poodle

    Diesel Repower

    Well I have to admit I think it would be cool but what about the pto's as long as the shaft is the same size they should work right? but if not how could you get it to work? you need it to run your equipment deck,snow blower what ever your toy is it still needs to work right?