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    1996 520H, 1996 416H,1996 314-8,1995 416-8. 1989 520H, 1989 518H, 1989 416-8 going to be for sale soon,1989 312-8 for sale as well as is not fixing this one up!
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  1. Michaelzz28

    ONAN 16 hp

    I rebuild onan motors but the cost of it depends on what is in spec and what is out of spec and what replacement parts are needed
  2. Michaelzz28

    tiller seals???

    Your a betting man than me I can not hear anything when the tractor is running it I just use the cheap gear oil
  3. Michaelzz28


    Should I ran one with a 8hp for years worked great still have the tiller just a different tractor now
  4. Michaelzz28

    Connecting rods

    Still waiting on the pictures No one else here has any old style connecting rods onan number 170-4051c
  5. Michaelzz28

    Connecting rods

    I need 1 old style p218 onan connecting rod or 2 new style p220 or p218 onan I am told they are the same
  6. Michaelzz28

    1996 520 H

    the mower deck you have pictured is a 48" deck
  7. Michaelzz28

    Wheelhorse 520H

    PM sent
  8. Michaelzz28


    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Michaelzz28


  10. Michaelzz28

    Ok... who REALLY knows LS GM Motors...

    I have 02 that has done that since it was new they told you thearlier right thing it seems to be normal for some of the 5.3 litters I have never had a problem with the truck and I like you got told the same thing I also checked out quite a few of the over the years biggest majority of them done the same thing
  11. Michaelzz28


    No I got the seat straight from toro
  12. Michaelzz28


    Have a Nice 1989 520H for sale 847 hours on it engine has been gone threw has new tires and battery new seat all new fluids and filters and hoses Deck has been rebuilt had no holes in it has not been welded on. Runs great Thanks for looking
  13. Michaelzz28

    416-8 Kohler

    this one is low hours 253 hrs on the clock 253 on the kohler it runs great no problems with it the onan on the hand has about 600 hrs on it and when it was together it smoked bad
  14. Michaelzz28

    416-8 Kohler

    I have the complete donor tractor I am thinking of just fixing it but the onan parts are way out there on price the donor is a 95 416h the onan on it just is tired it burn bunches of oil and surges a bunch I already tore it out of the tractor and tore it down needs bored and new rings valve seats look fine but to go threw it right it need bored and rings oversize pistons and new bearings the tractor is in good shape so maybe a engine swap from the onan to the kohler I have a 12 hp I can put back on the other tractor
  15. Michaelzz28

    416-8 Kohler

    I have a question I have a nice 416-8 with a kohler I believe it is a 1988 version I also have a nice 1100 eaton rear end what is the down sides putting the hydro rear end behind a kohler?