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  1. Marv

    Heart Valves

    Thank you all for your replies. Every one of them is important to me. You have been very helpful. It appears it will be quite a while before I will have to undergo this. On the other hand it could progress faster. My doctors parting statement at this visit was we will do another Echo in 6 Months if you have breathing difficulties that you cannot do what you do now call me right away. Sure wouldn't mind being like the Energizer Bunny though (Razorback). Haven't been that way for a while. Marv
  2. Most recent visit with my Cardiologist. I have two of those valves that will require replacement. How soon, not sure. It will be a wait and see for a while. Do you have any experience with this menace? Marv
  3. Thank you, I had replied to this but it does not show up. Anyway, using your information I did some searching in Woods mower parts listings. It seems that all the ones I looked at used the 24260 idler. So I think it will be good to go. A dealer down state has one so I will go take a look at it beginning of the week. I also need the bearing for the V groove pulley. maybe he has that too. If not the local bearing supplier can get one for me. Marv
  4. Y'all are making me hurt all over again. Been there done that with the Achilles tendon thing , 1978 I think it was.. That leg is still weaker than the other one even after all these years. Mind the boss you will be fine. Marv
  5. I am in need of an idler pulley for this mower. This is the one mounted on the belt tensioner. Toro part no 103241. Know of a source for one? Marv
  6. Marv

    Looking for stuff

    If it took you that long to forget you are in good shape. 2 to 5 minutes tops. I know I laid that screw driver ?? Marv
  7. Yep! Diggers method works for me. Marv
  8. It will pop with decals. Picture after please. Marv
  9. Marv

    A Sobering Day

    Ed, I am sitting here with heavy heart and tears in my eyes. I truly hope everything works out well for you all. Marv
  10. Marv

    Thank you

    Lit the FIRE didn't it (pun intended)? Now you are addicted to AND the fine people on this site. Glad you are so inclined. Marv
  11. Marv

    Does it look out of place?

    Neatnik! Marv
  12. Marv

    Losing It OK?

    young whipper snappers you are. And you already have that bug. Marv
  13. Marv

    Steering wheel help

    The shaft is splined so there is no pin. If you are lucky it should pull straight up and off. You may have to lift on the wheel and tap the shaft a little. If you do be sure to put the nut back on first. If you have to rap hard use brass hammer. If the never seize is on the splines it should co,e off easily. Marv