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  1. Pacific Dog

    Deck Repair Help

    Thanks for the help. Now on to the job. I'll take pics and post them for you.
  2. Pacific Dog

    Deck Repair Help

    Hello All, My 42" rear discharge deck just warped itself while I was mowing. The problem is the center spindle hole cracked and twisted out of plane. For some reason my searches for previous posts comes up blank. Can anyone recommend a previous post or perhaps put some pics here so I can get ideas how to beef up the deck? The rest of the deck is in good shape and I really want to fix it so I can continue using my recycler/mulching kit in it. Or if someone in southern California has a 42" RD deck for sale that would be greatly appreciated as well. Cheers.
  3. Pacific Dog

    Off to Haiti

    Best of luck on your trip. The leaders in Haiti have certainly led their people in to a true hell on earth. But I have a question I hope some of you can answer for me. It is something that has been on my mind for some years. For the cost of travel, food, anything purchased for the trip and other expenditures, multiplied by the number of people in the caravan: wouldn't those thousands of dollars better help the people by giving it to groups already entrenched there? I know that most legitimate charities have in-kind donations, that is for every individual's donation a company or group has made a commitment to match it thereby doubling the amount.
  4. Pacific Dog

    Wheel Horse Christmas

    Here's a little jaunt the kids took around the neighborhood (with flash and without flash). Merry Christmas
  5. Pacific Dog

    drywall question

    Remove the plastic! The drywall needs to breathe in order to prevent mildew and mold from growing due to moisture from leaks or high humidity. Moisture barriers should be on the outside portion of a wall/roof unless in certain environments (low humidity deserts). Insulation materials that can be placed directly against drywall are designed to let vapors and moisture to pass through.
  6. Pacific Dog

    How to jump STOP a semi

    My wife's family is from the Buffalo area and we would often drive the turnpike (I-90) from Boston to visit. Now I am from California and I couldn't believe that New York state had huge portable digital signs on the sides of the highway flashing beware of deer warnings. Then we would drive through the "killing fields". Deer corpses and blood stains one right after another. I certainly slowed down and started paying attention for those glowing beady eyes at the side road getting ready to jump out and do us in too. Like some sort of white-tail-herbivore-suicide jihadists.
  7. Pacific Dog

    Carb ID help

    Hello Dave - I just ordered and received a rebuild kit for what the Kohler manual and Toro website said should be a Carter carburetor... Pulled it off and it's a Walbro *#+%!!! There was so much gasoline varnish in the carb I have no idea how the fuel was able to pass through. I ordered the parts online from M and D Mower, wait and see. I snapped a pic of the stripped Walbro carb, the float and baffle. Also the carb ID engraved on the top of the mounting flange. That's how I was able to identify what I needed. Hope it helps.
  8. Pacific Dog

    California Fires

    This is the ashfall that was on my Explorer this morning.
  9. Pacific Dog

    California Fires

    It would take about 8 miles of homes and buildings to get to us. The houses burning are the ones right next to open fields and canyons. Wildfires and earthquakes are what I have lived with for 44 years. Like everyone else gets used to tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards.
  10. Pacific Dog

    California Fires

    Here is a picture of the sun at 2:00 PM through the wildfire smoke.
  11. Pacific Dog

    Exhaust Stack on a Kohler M14S Magnum

    Hello All, A trip to the SF Bay area took me by a Tractor Supply store so I HAD to buy the muffler for a stack on a 314-H. Thought I would practice my documenting skills while I was at it for your entertainment. 1. Disconnect sparkplug. 2. Unmount PTO rod, carburetor, governor linkage and air baffle. 3. Remove muffler. 4. Loosen muffler locknut and remove muffler elbow. 5. Cut and trim muffler intake to fit 3" steel nipple. Use muffler clamp to form over nipple. 6. Weld muffler and nipple for mounting and strengthening. 7. Assemble 45
  12. Pacific Dog

    The Economy

    Well I was laid off from my IT job at BEHR Paint two weeks ago. People aren't buying/selling houses so they aren't doing any painting. The company had its first round of layoffs in its history and after six years I was one of the "chosen". There were a handful released from my department and there was only one person with less time than me. Living in southern California I can tell you first hand about the "false" economy built up on hyper inflated housing prices. My opinion is that human greed drove it up and it is adjusting. I am conservative fiscally so my family will get by. But there are people all over this nation that are really hurting. So say some prayers for those in need, pray that our leaders get their heads out of their a**es and everyone be positive. This is a great country because of ALL the great PEOPLE that live here. It is very easy to point your finger at the "other guys". It is always hard to remember that no matter how the "other guys" think we are all here because we love the United States of America. My two cents.
  13. Pacific Dog

    Recommendations for replacement mower blades?

    Hello Steve, I have been really impressed by the mulching and bagging abilities of Gator blades. They are heavy gauge and well machined. I order them from http://www.jackssmallengines.com/gator_blades.cfm
  14. Pacific Dog

    New Guy Here

    Hello All, Thanks again for the welcome. The Marine base where the tractor lived for 12 years is right next to the Pacific Ocean. The bare parts have that salty patina that unprotected metal gets. As I posted earlier the engine and trans will not be unbuttoned unless necessary. But I do want to stop any corrosion ASAP. Steve - Yes Whittier was the home of Pat Nixon, Richard Nixon grew up in La Habra right next door but went to high school and college in Whittier. His museum is in Yorba Linda the location of his birthplace. Whether for or against his administration it is a good museum to visit.
  15. Pacific Dog

    New Guy Here

    Thanks for the welcome here. The maintenance is completely unknown. The engine doesn't burn oil. The transmission and lift work. But it does show signs of neglect and some abuse. * Every rim edge had a flat spot on it (hammered them back over). * The twisted deck. * The three spindles were dry. * At some point they all ran into something as the three deck holes had to be leveled and aligned. * I don't think it was ever stored under cover, the paint is very faded and the hood lid is rusted. The guy I bought it from purchased it from Camp Pendleton, if it was green I might have thought it had been used for suburban assault missions of some sort I probably will not tear down the engine and trans. But I will need to get all the panels off to prep and paint nicely. No reason to let it deteriorate. Dan