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  1. gottahavvitt

    Another Horse to the Herd!

    Yeah what he said
  2. gottahavvitt

    pto #?

    I need a repair kit for my c101 but there are no numbers anywhere on this tractor so I can't look up the part. Could someone give the numbers so I can plug them into the parts viewer? Thanks Joe
  3. gottahavvitt

    c101 pto

    I have a c101 that needs a pto and I was wondering if there is a repair kit for these. I believe the bearing is just plumb wore out. Can't find one on nebay so I figured I would try the repair angle. Joe
  4. gottahavvitt

    Weekend Mowing Training

    Around here in western Mass I have found that places that do gravestone carving will do sandblasting on the side when there is a lull in the action.
  5. gottahavvitt

    newest WH pics

    there is no logo on the seat cover but it is a WH seat marked with the logo. The cover fits perfectly and has been on there for quite a while though.
  6. gottahavvitt

    newest WH pics

    One more time
  7. gottahavvitt

    newest WH pics

    I give up :thumbs2:
  8. gottahavvitt

    newest WH pics

  9. gottahavvitt

    newest WH pics

    that link does work but the pictures I wanted to show are not there. I think this whole problem is related to AOL! :thumbs2:
  10. gottahavvitt

    newest WH pics

    HMMM Seems to be working fine on this end when I click the link.
  11. gottahavvitt

    newest WH pics

    Here are a few pics of the latest addiktions to my herd. The one with the vacuum system is a new favorite. Supposed to be a C-101 but can't find any numbers anywhere except for the tag on the motor. The other new one is a commando 6 and somehow how a pic of my 953 got in there.newestwh
  12. gottahavvitt

    Kohler K241s ?

    I was just out back messin with the new motor and noticed that the block is marked K301 on the pulley side but the tag on the shroud says k241s. Are they the same block or was there an engine upgrade using the old shroud? None of my other 241s are not marked at all on the pulley side.
  13. gottahavvitt

    Kohler K241s ?

    TT I will probably use the motor the way it is and not change it over to the starter/gen. Everything is there for an easy swap including regulator, solenoid etc Joe
  14. gottahavvitt

    Kohler K241s ?

    I just picked up a Kohler k241s complete with all the electrics. The guy left it attached to the frame and stripped everything else off. The motor starts right up and purrs like a kitten but I can't find out what model WH it belongs to. The spec # is 46863 and the serial # is 161020682. I am not sure about the 8 as the decal is scratched aenough to make it hard to read. I know there is a place to look this stuff up but can't remember because of my advancing case od "Sometimers disease" As usuall any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW I want to transplant it into either the 1057 or 953. This motor is electric start but not the starter gen. model. Thanks Joe :thumbs2: