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  1. Rooster

    Bad News and Good News

    Prayers for you buddy. That little boy got the best birthday present ever! Take care of yourself, we are all in your corner!
  2. Rooster

    K321AS white smoke

    Lol @ Challenger. Tom, White smoke is indeed burning oil! The fact that it gets worse as the engine warms up does meann it is time for at least a "freshen -up". It could be worn rings or cylinder, it could also be coming from the valves. Either way your going to have to tear it down to fix it, and honestly there is not a good way to tell what all needs done to the engine until it is disassembled and inspected. I have fixed that problem by simply installing valve guides and re-seating the valves or by a quick de-glazing of the cylinders and fresh rings, but then some engines I thought were going to be a "quick freshen" ended up needing full machine work.
  3. Rooster

    tractor id

    Price Price Price.... Here is how I value tractors... It's an RJ, I WANT an RJ, this looks to be a fairly well kept RJ...looks pretty sound. If it were close to me, and the guy shot me a price that didn't make my check book jump up and slap sense into me....I'd own it! Antique Tractors are worth what the buyer is willing to pay for them, or what the seller will take for them - whichever is more! He who has the money that matches his desire gets what he wants! whats with the blue seat and blade and STP sticker? Pinecone, if that price doesn't put you off the tractor...I would go get it! If that price scares you, maybe you should wait?
  4. Rooster

    First Buy Raider 10

    Looks like you got a nice tractor!
  5. There is no box for me to check either.... I'd sell it! Let some one who wants to leave it "perfect" pay me the big bucks for it....so I can buy a good tractor! If its in my barn, its getting used!
  6. Rooster

    A Wheel Horse Christmas

    Ty duff. Merry Christmas Square Heads! May all be blessed this year. The Grace of God shines down on each of us every day.
  7. Rooster

    Are you a believer?

    All I know is, When the neck of a shiner bock, my stomach and that hole in my face all line up things get pretty weird!
  8. Rooster

    A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

    Thanks for the story Karl. May we all remember the most tragic lesson learned that day. If we don't take the fight to them, they will bring it to us! God bless all who gave.
  9. So ....sounds like were gonna have the First Annual Round Hood Drags in PA this year?
  10. sometimes, right click on the pic, then select "veiw" also, hold control key and scroll your mouse wheel...does the same as the +-..
  11. Rooster

    Weekend Work

    Does that make it a C416?
  12. I thought every Bears shirt in existence caught fire in '06?