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    1968 Electro 12, 1967 charger 9, 1968 charger 9,500 special, 856, Lawn ranger L157
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    Wheel horses duh...... hehehe
  1. 1991ysr50

    1969 Electro 12

    Looks great ! I have one just like it,
  2. 1991ysr50

    Commando 800 restore

    Where would one find exhaust like this?
  3. 1991ysr50

    LED Lights For C-Series

    VERY NICE!! and no heat to melt the light cover!
  4. Looks very nice sir !! :thumbs2:
  5. 1991ysr50


    Very nice restore my dad has the same model that i want to restore for him! And my girlfriend had a problem with my yamaha sitting in the kitchen lol Looks great keep it up!!!! :thumbs2:
  6. 1991ysr50


    HELLO STEVE!!! hehehe
  7. 1991ysr50

    Hello there

    LOL coadster32 i live 2 min from the old plant on ireland rd. I work 1 mile away from the original plant just south of the michgan line. Thanks again hehe
  8. 1991ysr50

    Hello there

    WOW thanks guys !!!! I will try to figure out how to post pics on here asap Yes i am going scotts meet should be fun!! I am deff looking for some random parts to rebuild mine hopefully I can find some here! :thumbs2:
  9. :thumbs2: I was impressed with the turn out!!! I had a good time lots good stuff around to buy. Had a great time minus the rain..... oh well Jeremy
  10. I have used cable lubers for motorcycle cables before and its worked pretty well on gummed up cables. If they are kinked at all the lube will stop at the kink. Just my 2 cents. Thanks Jeremy
  11. 1991ysr50

    Hello there

    Good site good info nice people I like it :woohoo: