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  1. kadetklapp

    Seeking input on what to do with a dying Horse

    After a lot of though I've decided to try and just sell the tractor I simply don't have the money or time it needs put into it. If anyone is interested, let me know.
  2. kadetklapp

    Workhorse - Craigslist score!

    Bought my 84 WorkHorse GT-1800 for $100 US last August. Seemed like a great buy for a running and working tractor. Turns out the motor needs rebuilt, but I still love it. Needs an exhaust valve, carb rebuild, four new tires, new spindles, and paint and decal work.
  3. kadetklapp

    Seeking input on what to do with a dying Horse

    I do have a hill out back that is short but quite steep. Plus I don't know the real history on the motor, if it's been ran dry in the past or whatnot. I guess I'll pass. At $200 I can't afford to gamble on that.
  4. kadetklapp

    Seeking input on what to do with a dying Horse

    So should I avoid this engine?
  5. kadetklapp

    Seeking input on what to do with a dying Horse

    Here's the engine info- Spec# 24223 Model# KT17S Ser# 12159327 Pic of the motor-
  6. kadetklapp

    Seeking input on what to do with a dying Horse

    I found a used Kohler KT17S locally that came from a C-175 Wheel Horse. Guy wants $200 USD for it. Says it runs but the carb needs cleaned. What does the brain trust think?
  7. kadetklapp

    My C-100 gets a job

    The only thing my Horse can do wonderfully is mow. It's little patchwork deck mows more smoothly than my 2007 John Deere ever did. can't wait to get the motor back together and mow with it again.
  8. kadetklapp

    Seeking input on what to do with a dying Horse

    Wow thanks Rooster. I talked to three machine shops yesterday and it's pretty obvious that they don't want the work. I was going to just buy the valve and try it, think I ought to just wait? I don't need to mow with it this summer. Got a free 2004 Poulan rider that didn't run. Was sitting in the woods where it was dumped out the back of a pickup. Intek Birggs motor. I put a new fuel filter on it, cleaned out the tank, new spark plug, aired up the front tire and was mowing with it last night.
  9. kadetklapp

    Seeking input on what to do with a dying Horse

    I just hate to put a Kohler on it, not because the Kohler is a bad motor, just because it's not original. At this rate anything is an improvement though. Rooster kindly offered to go thru the Briggs and do it up right for me, but the shipping would be a killer. We'll see what the valve does.
  10. kadetklapp

    Seeking input on what to do with a dying Horse

    After it was reseated, we just ran it to see what it would do. The valve is really undersized by the looks of things. It is not tight in the opening at all. Local machine shop wanted $200 up front just to look at it.
  11. kadetklapp

    Seeking input on what to do with a dying Horse

    I appreciate the input. What model number Kohler should I look for (I've never owned a Kohler in my life). K341?
  12. kadetklapp

    Seeking input on what to do with a dying Horse

    I love this tractor. Once you get the hang of it, the hydro is so smooth and believe or not, the patchwork deck cuts my grass way better than my 2007 JD did. It's just a matter of $$. My concern is, knowing how I get into projects and never finish them, is I'll set it aside and lose interest. I want this baby to work. First thing is I'll try a new valve and see where that gets me. If it gets me thru the summer, maybe I can get a diesel and drop it under the hood. In the event that doesn't work, what Kohlers should I look out for? I mean, other than other wheel horses, what other tractors ran a swapable motor?
  13. Some of you may know the saga of my Wheel Horse (WorkHorse) GT-1800 I got at the end of last summer. Mowed fine with it for a while after replacing the coil and servicing it real well. Found it to be down on power to the point where it would stall on incline with the PTO engaged. Last week we tore into it and found the exhaust valve seat had popped out and no compression in the front cylinder (Engine is a Briggs 18HP twin old style). We pinged the valve seat back in and it's squared away, but it appears that the valve is way undersized and does not seal. I have compression, but it still runs badly. You can see light thru the valve when it's shut. Located a new valve for $20, and we are going to put it in and see if that fixes it, but I was told not to hold my breath. So far I have about $350 in this tractor. It's solid, but has been neglected. The front spindles need replaced, the tie rods are shot, the steering shaft has issues, the seat is shot, front tires are rotted, carb needs rebuilt, needs a battery, and is in need of body, paint and decals in the worst way. The deck could use some attention, has a bad brake, electrical needs work, etc. Without getting rid of it, what would you do? I know I can part it out, but I do like this tractor. I don't *NEED* it right away, so I can put some work into it, but money is tight. Momma is against buying a new Chinese diesel motor. $650 is hard for her to swallow when it comes to such an old mower. Rebuilding the old engine will be around $750 according to some places I talked to. Repower confuses me because I'm not all that familiar with horizontal shaft engines. I don't know what will work with my PTO drive and what won't. I don't want to go too small because I would like to plow or blow snow with it eventually. Again, just looking for some ideas here. Working on a small budget of -nill- at the moment. I will put some money into it, but only if it's reasonable.
  14. kadetklapp

    Bought a Horse tonight! 1984 WorkHorse 1800

    Well, hopefully a new exhaust valve will fix 'er up. Anyway, if so, we'll be in business. I also seem to have found some front axle parts I need on parts tree.
  15. kadetklapp

    Well, I found out why I'm down on power (WorkHorse GT-1800)

    You can get aftermarket here http://www.rcpw.com/....x=0&search.y=0 Chas You are the man!