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  1. WheelHorse58

    1964 Wheel Horse 854

    Thanks guys I also have a 1075 that's coming up next.
  2. Hello guys, I just started into my 854. Things are going well right now got most stuff ready for paint. I'm going to upload some pictures throughout my progress. Stay tuned and I'll take ya through the process I do. Oh and i am looking for a Front rim that is original and a I need a belt guard for the motor (8hp kohler). Thanks
  3. WheelHorse58

    Todays Haul

    Hmm I spy an extra 8hp... haha I kinda need that belt cover Very nice haul! :thumbs2:
  4. WheelHorse58

    C-100 Help

    This fuel pump is the type ran off the cam. It goes into the motor with the slanted piece which the cam strike with each rotation of the motor to pump fuel into the motor.
  5. WheelHorse58

    C-100 Help

    Hi there need some help with my c-100. I'm pretty sure that it is not getting fuel. I took the line off going from the tank to the pump, there is fuel there. Then I take the line off of the Carb to see if the fuel is getting there and when I turn it over nothing is coming out. Is there a fuel pump rebuild kit? or do I need a whole new pump? or is that even the problem. Yes it has spark. Let me know what you think. Thanks. :thumbs2:
  6. WheelHorse58

    Got a new horse

    Looks like a 1964 . . . 854
  7. WheelHorse58

    sitting in the shade

    They really look good under that tree. Hopefully not to far in the future my 1075 will look that good minus the wheel covers Gonna have to get my wheel weights on it for plowing :thumbs2:
  8. WheelHorse58

    My New 702

    That puller looks amazing when you do something as far as progress goes on it let me know if not post a new post. That thing looks like it ought to turn out real nice. Being from PA haha nice panzer.
  9. WheelHorse58

    My New 702

    Good find. That thing looks nice. Hmm... Is that a puller I spy in the corner? :thumbs2:
  10. WheelHorse58


    Well justin, the seat pan is covered so it doesn't hurt the bum. It almost completely rusted through and is in really bad condition
  11. WheelHorse58


    Hi, I recently acquired a 854 and I'm going to need some things that just maybe someone on here may have. I have noticed that one of the rims on the front are different. One rim has two holes in it which i think is the original rim and one that has no holes in it. Any one know which is the original? Also if you have one let me know. You may be able to see it in the pictures below. Also is going to need a seat pan and if anyone would have one of those please let me know. If any one has any information about the rims or anything I should know about it just let me know. If your wondering about the starter generator- yes its getting rebuilt. When I got it the wiring was all screwed up. it had wires going every where. So I just rewired the whole thing. And yes the fuel line is HUGE I haven't got around to making it right/normal. Thanks for looking.
  12. WheelHorse58

    barn find

  13. WheelHorse58

    Wheel Horse 753

    my 1075 also has a factory cigarette lighter
  14. WheelHorse58

    Can anyone identify this model?

    Yeah I think so TT we will have to meet up sometime