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  1. Thanks Jim for resurecting this thread!!!!!!! Browns are tied for 2nd place in their division.......Look out playoffs here we come!!!!
  2. c161rat

    Newer hobby to me

    My hero Jim Tom.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDjCOho_sKw
  3. c161rat

    Newer hobby to me

    Craig, Is carb another name for throat or tongue or tummy or anything else related to swallowing...cause if it is, it would clean that up for sure!!!!! LOL We will have to see what we can do about replenishing that supply.........LOL
  4. c161rat

    Newer hobby to me

    Thanks Chris. The column is packed to just under where the reflux tube enters the column. I used glass marbles instead of the expensive column packing material. The clamps holding the column to the Keg are home made. I basically cut box tubing in half and drilled a hole in the middle and there are bolts attached to the keg the box tubing being sort of an upside down u and the bolt comes through it attach a nut and tighten it up and whalla!!!!! LOL.....The base of the column called the bell is a stainless steel dog bowl.....I had to double them up however for more rigidity....
  5. c161rat

    Newer hobby to me

    Chris, In all seriousness please be careful with your home distilling hobby. There is a lot to be said about going blind and making stuff that is harmful to you. Especially on the small batches that you are running. The Heads and Tails are not easily diluted in small batches. check out this link and read the the segment about operation. These are the plans I used 7 years ago to build my still.... http://moonshine-still.com/
  6. c161rat

    Newer hobby to me

    Home Distilling?????? I think I may know a little about that.........Shhhh Dont tell anyone!!!!! Especially Stevasaurus!!!!!! LOL
  7. c161rat

    German Translator Wanted!

    Karl, Did you try google translate???? It works both ways. Karl, Haben Sie versucht, google übersetzen. Es funktioniert in beide Richtungen.
  8. c161rat

    Thank you Michael Biser

    It was awesome meeting you and Jim last year Steve!!!!!
  9. c161rat

    Thank you Michael Biser

    I sure will Squonk.....still might try to pull the trip off this year....a lot of planning went into the trip not to try .......
  10. Just wanted to share a recent experience with all of you. I was recently planning a trip to the Finger lakes on the bike for a couple days of relaxation and adult beverages. The morning I was supposed to leave on a 5 hour journey to New York, I took a look at the weather and found out that I would be spending my relaxing time looking out a hotel window watching it rain for days. I was taking this journey with my girlfriend and another couple. We were meeting for breakfast and then hitting the road. At breakfast I presented my months worth of planning our route from Cleveland Ohio to the Finger lakes as well as the best route around the lakes with many adult beverage stops along the way. My riding partners were very impressed with all my planning and were looking forward to all the fun and adventure that awaited us........Then i told them the bad news........We were going to Ride to New York to sit in a Hotel and watch it rain!!!!!!! Out comes the map!!!!!! While sitting finishing breakfast with much discussion about "should we chance it?" Where is it not raining?" Just head in one direction and stop when we get tired" My friend Eric said " I heard of a place southwest of here that someone told me about. I have never been there and don't know much about it. I think its over here somewhere (pointing at map). Then I say "Hey!!!! I know someone who lives there".....So I start to explain to my friends how I know this person and I have never really met him but talked to him many times on the Internet......Well that brought up a whole bunch of debate on strangers on the internet and such. I assured my friends that Mike is not going to cut us up and bury us in his backyard under his Tomato plants and to trust me!!!! So out comes the cell phone and a quick second later a friendly voice on the other end "Hey Joe whats up.....Long time no talk" Then I say " Hey Mike I am thinking bout heading your way" a lot more conversation and we had a plan. Not only did Mike offer to open up his home to me AND my guests as well. But he also offered to show us around his beautiful town. I politely declined the offer to stay at his place to which Mike found us an awesome Hotel right on the water. Mike was such a great host and did such a great job being a tour guide, we are planning another trip to Grand Lake in the early fall (complete with pontoon boat this time). I am so happy I stumbled on this great group of folks and just want to formally thank Mike for the awesome time we had as well as the horrible hangover we had the next day.....LOL And as a bonus Scott (whfan74) was there the next day and I got to meet him too!!!!!!! And on a side note this was one of the best trips I have been on and not a minute of planning went into it......
  11. Won't see them here until 2016......I remember the last time they were here in 1999 and it was awesome!!!!! I was 14 the first time I saw them in 1982 and I remember my dog gorging himself on them.....Dogs love Bugs!!!
  12. c161rat

    My Motorcycle

    Maybe OPEC has a few shares in HD. I always thought if my Harleys didn't leak they had a problem The problem is they are out of oil.....time to put more in!!!!! LOL that's how you know a Harley needs oil...it stops leaking!!!
  13. c161rat

    My Motorcycle

    I have never had a coolant leak problem on my bike......oh wait... that's cause I don't have coolant...LOL!!!! I have chased many oil leaks over the years though!!!! Still fighting an inner primary seal problem......Harleys are designed so well!!!!! a 2009 streetglide with 30,000 should not be leaking oil!!!!!
  14. c161rat

    More tests...

    Good to hear Jim!!!!
  15. Quit kidding around with us Lars....we all know you installed one of those James Bond, spy car, oil slick switches in your truck!!!!! Who was chasing you???? One of those Norwegian Hillbilly WheelHorse thieves????????....LOL