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    Here is the tractors I currently have:
    Modified Wheel Horse 1045 Pulling Tractor (My puller)
    Wheel Horse Suburban 401 (My future show tractor)
    Wheel Horse Bronco 14(My worker). - Hope to get some attachments for it soon and do a refurb!
    I also have several other tractors/attachments/parts that I am either selling or parting out.
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    Wheel Horse 401

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    High School Student
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    Obviously, I love Lawn and Garden Tractors (Wheel Horses are my passion) and I also like Farm Tractors (Allis Chalmers, International Harvester, and Oliver are my favorites). I have a German Shepherd named Bullet and I also like cars and trucks (I am a Mopar, Dodge, Jeep, and yes, Ford Diesel fan too!). I also hope to start my own business selling tractors and cars/trucks!

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  1. Hey Guys, Finally got started on "freshening" up my 1045 pulling tractor that my Grandpa built for me close to 10 years ago! I stopped pulling with it several years ago and have no plans to pull for awhile, but it is still very special to me and I have decided I am going to make it into a show/parade tractor. With that being said, I am going to take the next month or 2 getting it all fixed up and into it's "show clothes" as it has been in storage for awhile and is showing some age. My goal is to have it ready for a cancer fundraiser tractor parade on June 14th. I want to sand blast and powder coat it, get new decals, new (and bigger) tires, change out the pulleys to get a little more speed, new exhaust stack, beef up the front end a bit (mostly steering), and some other things. The engine will need new gasket's and it is making a knocking noise so we are trying to figure out what is causing that (That is why there is a pic of the torn apart engine). I am also not going to tell grandpa about it now so I can surprise him and he can see it when it is all done! Here are some pics of my progress so far:
  2. Wheel Horse Kid

    C-165 Auto Rust Bucket - An EBay Warning

    Sorry to hear it has got some issues, but I think it should not take too much to get her all fixed up. Was going to pull the trigger on it myself, but did not due to not having the cash. Overall, I say you made out pretty good on it considering all the stuff you got with it. And you are not the only one who has gotten less than expected (Has happened to me as well)...You always have some degree of a risk involved when buying a 30-40 year old tractor.
  3. Wheel Horse Kid

    NOT a good day !!!

    Sounds like you had your share of troubles yesterday...Hopefully, your 520 is an easy fix.
  4. Wheel Horse Kid

    A good days work

    Always fun when good deads can involve using tractors!
  5. Wheel Horse Kid

    Wheel Horses on TV!!! 2 Different ones!

    Cool to see some Wheel Horses on tv! Don't see that very often at all.
  6. WOW! Amazing work!!!!! That mower deck is very, very cool! I actually bought that same kit with the Indy Car and Wheel Horse Electro 12 a couple of days ago from Ebay! By the way, Welcome to RedSquare!
  7. Wheel Horse Kid

    C-175 back in action!! Snowmagedon 2014

    Cool video! Looks like that C175 handled that blower very well!
  8. Wheel Horse Kid

    Would You Over Pay for Your Favorite WH?

    I do not think you overpayed...It looks to be a pretty solid tractor. Like others have said, the engine alone is worth what you paid for the whole tractor. And to answer your other question, if I was to come across a tractor I REALLY wanted, I would be willing to overpay a bit for it.
  9. Wheel Horse Kid

    Lp head

    PM Sent Kelly.
  10. Wheel Horse Kid

    Lp head

    Hey Kelly, My dad is looking for a couple of LP heads...Could you tell me what you are asking for your's and I can relay that info to him to see if he is interested? Thanks, Taylor
  11. Ok, Great! I will give you a pic later on then. Thanks a bunch for doing this Terry! I know myself and others appreciate it!
  12. Looking good! Keep up the good work!
  13. Wheel Horse Kid

    new to me 551

    Sorry to hear you are coming across so many issues with it...I agree it is worth saving though!
  14. It looks pretty nice and would be a good worker, but as said above, some guys just spray paint to make them look good and do nothing else.