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    Hydraulic Valve

    Here's another picture of the assembled unit. Thanks for your help!!! Attached Image
  2. azc145

    Hydraulic Valve

    Here's another picture of the assembled unit. Attached Image
  3. I have a C-145 that has an oil leak on the hydraulic valve lift valve. The valve works great it just leaks. Any ideas on where I can get new O-rings? Or maybe an alternate approach that I could use to seal the leak? The only marking that I can find on this valve is "Ward Co". Any ideas on how to better identify this valve? It does not look like the two valves that are shown in the C-145 parts manual. Attached Image (Click thumbnail to expand)
  4. azc145

    Hydaulic Line Removal

    Thank you for all your suggestions. I woke up this morning with the idea to use the box end wrench that I had modified but to also use a set of vice grips to clamp down on the box end wrench to keep the wrench from spreading. This worked when I tried it!!! Thanks again for your support, it helped to inspire me.
  5. I have a C145 that I need to replace the hydraulic lines on. The hydaulic connection of the hose to the transmission does not want to break loose. An open end wrench does not get enough of the nut on the fitting to break it loose. I tried modifiying a box end wrench but was unsucessful. Is there a special tool that I can purchase that will get a hold of this fitting to remove it? I have attempted to attach an image of the fitting. Attached Image