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  1. plowmaster

    k301 worth

    thanks kelly. im trying to think what the motor is worth to me, as it sits in a complete running tractor, only needing a gov part. i would be very happy to find a runner replacement for even 300 if rebuilt, as im willing to bet thats what i would i would have in everything by the time im done with this motor including labor. i would also be happy to pay 50 bucks for a low comp runner or 200 for a replacement. regardless of how much compression this thing has, it still would get new rings if i was in there. i really dont think it would be worth my time to remove the motor for less than 100 bucks, as im thinking thats about what its worth to me. although, even if i needed one and had the time to rebuild it, i dont think i would give that for something needing help. decisions decisions. maybe i should just sell the whole thing, then i wouldnt have to worry about the motor, lol thanks for shooting me some of your prices kelly. just looking for an average. 'preciate it jon
  2. plowmaster

    k301 worth

    hi all i may have a buyer for my 301 motor, it runs with plenty of compression but the govener tab in the motor needs to be replaced. id like to keep the carb starter muffler electrics and pto for my other horses, but i can let the buyer hear it run before i take it out of the tractor. i just dont have time for a teardown rebuild and could use the cash for more horse parts wondering what this unit might be worth? should i just sell it outright right off the tractor, or keep the outside parts to keep some of my other tractors alive? this fella is looking for a rebuildable, running motor. thanks for the help. im a bit scared....once that motor is out, it starts to get mighty easy to part out the rest of the tractor, although it does need to come out nonetheless....
  3. plowmaster

    onan longevity

    pretty much what i was thinking. i did find a d-180 for the same price that might be a better bet for a sawmill motor, proly would be cheaper to rebuild. sawmill motors dont live in the best environment.
  4. plowmaster

    onan longevity

    looking at a 416-h with 1200+ hrs on it, a bit worried about the hours, as the onan in my 416 only held together for around 400 hrs. the fella wants 800 for the machine that is in very good shape, looks like it has been well taken care of. alas, im fond of my bronc 14 and if i buy this machine ill be parting it out. ill be buying this for parts and an engine for my sawmill. so basically ill be buying it for the motor. thanks for any help folks!
  5. i want to see the steiger plate!
  6. plowmaster

    wheel horse sickle bar rarity

    thanks mike. i managed to read a few pages of that thread. one thing is, mine will be driven off the front of the tractor. im close to getting my corn and beans finished. the sickle bar will be the next project.
  7. plowmaster

    wheel horse sickle bar rarity

    i know mike, maybe you put it in the back of your head and trip over them drawings sometime soon, he he. some dimensions would be handier than hanging half the unit under the tractor and pulling it out several times, just to discover youve got some wrong geometry after you hit the pto. ive accumulated as many pics as i could find on here, thanks for all the help folks! have a good weekend jon
  8. plowmaster

    wheel horse sickle bar rarity

    i did not think that they tooled their own parts for these, as theres not many around (wh) and sickle bars have been around forever. witch leads me to another question...parts commonality, as in what parts did wh buy to build these, or did they just buy a whole unit and manufacture its bracketry? brackets being the end plot to this story, being exactly what i need, the front bracket that holds the front on and routes the belt. this was surley made by wh to fit their tractors, im assuming. thanks for any input. im looking forward to working with this bar, even though i just went through a mess with my mower deck, i would rather run the sickle to get under fences and knock down some weeds in areas the brush hog wont fit. i replaced the lawn duty with a 61" ferris, complete with a motor and wheels.
  9. are sickle bars all that rare? i find it hard to beleive nobody has the part im looking for . i dont see too many for sale, possibly once a year or so, searching all over the state and vt and ct, in craigslist or ebay. its getting so im AFRAID to run it if i actually do find the part, because what happens if something else goes on it?
  10. plowmaster


    bumpd the thread. im still looking for this part, especially now that i lost a bid on a complete one. thanks
  11. plowmaster

    deck repair

    i had to cut the sucker off with the torchies. i tried everything too. i think i can get the pulleys at tractor supply
  12. plowmaster

    deck repair

    hey im currently trying to pull off those two pulleys at the moment. the smaller one is on the bottom. whats the trick to getting the pulleys off? im replacing all the bearings
  13. plowmaster

    wh snowmobiles!

    why isnt there a snowmobile chapter for this forum? been looking for a wh sled for a while.
  14. plowmaster

    Two bored kids, a tractor , a sled.

    wheel horses dont break! sheesh......
  15. plowmaster

    Two bored kids, a tractor , a sled.

    oh we have hills, they just dont provide the speed we so desire.