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  1. chris sutton

    Help needed with a Snowblower

    Next item out of the box of bits was the flag with a badly rusted pin, after a clean up with the grinder and new pin welded in made it serviceable.
  2. chris sutton

    Help needed with a Snowblower

    Had some nice weather so I managed to get some of parts painted.
  3. chris sutton

    Help needed with a Snowblower

    Got a few bits cleaned up and primed and new axle bearings.
  4. chris sutton


    I'm happy to pay postage
  5. chris sutton


    Love one of those but i'm in the UK
  6. chris sutton

    Help needed with a Snowblower

    Thanks Garry. The wheel bolt was broken and one missing, iwas lucky to have one in stock from an old mower deck and the broken bit came out with a bit of heat hears some more progress photos,
  7. chris sutton

    Blower chute cable

    I'll load some more photos of mine and how far I've got putting it together
  8. chris sutton

    Blower chute cable

    Its on here under Wheelhorse manuals, on the right click on snowblower
  9. chris sutton

    Blower chute cable

    Not sure if this helps, I downloaded a manual for a snow thrower 6-9113 and this was in it, Im putting a blower together from a box of bits and havnt got as far as the cable yet so I will be watching your topic
  10. Looking for some help with a snowblower I've just picked up. Its all in bits and has no ID tag on it, I've downloaded some manuals for it and it looks all there. It's has had some welding done to it and came with new bearings, rollers and chain . If anyone can help with model or date that would help also I'm looking for photos and size of decals so I can get them reproduced here in the UK
  11. chris sutton

    Happy Birthday Stevasaurus

    Happy birthday Steve, enjoy your day mate.
  12. chris sutton

    Front End Friday

    Wheelhorse on tracks
  13. chris sutton

    Happy Birthday Chris Sutton.

    Thanks guys for all your wishes.
  14. chris sutton

    Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    Nothing wrong with having a in the dinning room Mike.
  15. chris sutton

    Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    Carb all refitted now and a new manifold gaskit. It took a bit of encouragement to get it going but once running and tuned in it runs real sweet. Had it running for half an hour with no missfires or smoke so I'm pleased with that and its restarts easy.