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  1. I read this on the 12th anniversary of the forum, I became a member here 11 years 363 days ago and am happy to continue to support! i do want to thank those who financially support this place because without you this forum would cease to exist. Looking forward to another 12 years!
  2. nylyon

    Can’t read messages

    Possible the topic has been removed.
  3. It always great to see out schools hosting local veterans! Thank you to all our veterans and @Rob R looking good as always!
  4. nylyon

    kind of excited

    Terribly sorry Tyler.
  5. nylyon

    kind of excited

    Bill, very sorry to hear of the passing of your father on behalf of RedSquare we offer you our deepest condolences. It looks like your dad's account was never re-enabled after the 2011 crash, but I have found it and placed him in the Members at Rest group. His account is here: https://www.wheelhorseforum.com/profile/1133-btk07/
  6. nylyon

    Thank you 19richie66!

    @19richie66 Rich, on many levels I want to thank you. First, to put together a give away for our supporting members is a very kind and generous thing to do. In doing so, it helps RedSquare members realize that there's more than just forum support that they are giving, but receiving value in non-forum areas as well. For those who aren't aware, many vendors provide discounts to supporters of RedSquare so supporting pays for itself over and over again. Second, the items you've crafted are truly beautiful. Having seen on up close and in person, I can say that I don't own a camera good enough to properly capture the craftsmanship. They are first rate. \ Finally - I'm very grateful that my number was chosen. For the others out here, no this was not rigged, I would not allow that to happen on this forum, I was just lucky that the second number chosen was mine. Personally and on behalf of RedSquare, thank you for putting this together. It was fun, and really showcases the contributions to our community are beyond tractor talk. I have always said that I am not here for the tractors, but for the people and I am always proud when this little place on the web represents the best the world has to offer. Thank you again! Karl
  7. nylyon

    Hoping to get some assistance from Wheel Horse members

    Scott, on behalf of the staff here at RedSquare, we offer you and your family our sincerest sympathy. In honor of Adam, I have placed his account in our Member at rest group where we will forever remember him. He was a supporter of this forum, and were very grateful that he chose our forum to share his hobby with. To help you in your efforts, I have given your RedSquare account supporter status for one year at no cost to you, ignore the emails you’ve received. This will allow you to post as many pictures of Adam’s tractors which you see fit. Karl
  8. nylyon

    RS Business Cards

    Version 1.0.0


    Business Card Proofs, I'll update with a better version when I can. Hopefully you're not reading this 2 years from now without an update


  9. nylyon


    That’s awesome, thank you. I’ll pm ya with the address and I would like to pick up the shipping and handling charges for both of them! Im looking forward to seeing the mug, thank you again so much!
  10. nylyon

    App for iPad or Other Mobile Devices.

    The design of the forum is such that it should work fine on desktop / laptop screens, tablet / iPad or phone sized screens. As for Tapatalk, the problem with Tapatalk is they are slow to update their application and when changes occur, the use of Tapatalk causes corruption on the forum to the point that it was becoming a full time job fixing issues introduced by Tapatalk.
  11. nylyon


    This is an awesome give away, thank you for making this available to our generous supporters. I have featured this post for visibility! *** EDIT*** Supporters, I added a little seasonal surprise in the Supporter area of the forum, stop by and see!
  12. Check that the drive belt is engaged and not slipping.
  13. nylyon

    I need local help

    I have the small 15x6.00-6 tires on my 310-8. One of the tires split and I bought 2 new ones along with 2 tubes. It was a bear to get the old tire off of the rim and even harder to get the new one on. I ended up going to a tire shop and 2 tire men with big tire tools cursed and moaned trying to get this little tire onto the rim and in the end, either they or I pinched the tube and now the tube needs to be replaced. Anyone around me have the skills, patience or tricks to help me change these stinking tires?
  14. nylyon


    Changed Status to Closed
  15. nylyon

    50" Sickle Bar (SMS-50?)

    I think that the frame is wider on those, this fits the more narrow frame.