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  1. gipster

    Plow Frame or Extension for 520-H

    Title says it all. I am located in western pa, so if you are more than 250 miles away, I’d prefer an extension that could be easily shipped. Thanks
  2. gipster

    Magnum 16 idles but will not rev

    Hi All, I recently replaced the fuel pump on my 416-8 with an electric pump. I couldn't get the replacement, engine driven pump to work. Now the engine will start and idle, but it wont go any faster than a fast idle. Any thoughts? I am sure the pump can put out enough fuel for the carb. Thanks jim
  3. So now another question. My two current tractors are a c 175 and a 416 -6. W a kohler magnum. I will sell one immediately which one should I keep?
  4. My 175 is a series 1, though it seems to be in pretty good shape. Really wanted a hydro for snow plowing. When I found one with under 300 hrs, I thought id go for it.
  5. Hi all, I am going to look at a 416 H this evening. This will be my first Hydro tractor. It is a low hour machine. Any thoughts on particular problems I should look for? Â I am looking to downsize and have this as my only tractor. I mow and snowplow quite a bit in the winter. I currently use a C 175 to plow with. Will the 416 be as strong a machine? Â Thanks in advance
  6. gipster

    Wheel Horse w/ 3 pt hitch

    Thanks to all for the advice. My 175 is not a hydro. So, is the consensus to get a gt-14 or should I go with a d- series? Thanks Jim
  7. gipster

    Wheel Horse w/ 3 pt hitch

    Where do I get the hitch?
  8. I would like to be able to use some 3 pt hitch attachments. What would be the best Horse for the job? I would like to use the other attachments I currently have, but it's not absolutely necessary. I currently have a C175 with a couple of decks. thanks Jim
  9. I have the opportunity to buy rear wheels from what I think is a 200 series tractor. Can they be used on the front of my 175? The axle size is the same, but the hub is indexed for a key.Thanks JIm
  10. Hi All, Looking to buy another tractor this year and I wm wondering what the differences are between the 400 and 500 series. I currently have a C175 which I like very much, and I want something with at least as much power. Thanks Jim
  11. gipster

    520H on ebay at 330.00

    Don't know. The auction says the reserve was lowered. I only found out it was actually a 520 by asking - it's nowhere in the auction. Could be a deal. Jim
  12. HI All, Please do not list items for sale unless you own them
  13. Hi All. Been looking on the forums for a while to get input on front tire choices. I think I am going with the vredestien v61s. When I called Miller tire, they told me they needed tubes. Will the tubes fit in my tubless rims? Will I have to enlarge the valve stem opening? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Jim
  14. gipster

    KT 17 cold start (or lack therof)

    Thanks for the info. Any idea as to the company name in taiwan? jim