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  1. Kingwood990


    Good score Jay. I see lots of good stuff.
  2. Kingwood990

    John Deere x700 series -- Opinions Please

    To get one of the last generation X 700 series tractors you need to move fast if you want a brand new one. Dealers are having a hard time location unsold units right now. The new generation X 700 series tractors are 1000lbs lighter and are not available with a loader.
  3. Kingwood990

    John Deere 214

    The 214 is a dealer only tractor. I have one and its a very tough machine.
  4. Kingwood990

    Red Square 2013 calendar - pictures needed!

    1991 Toro Wheel Horse 244-H.
  5. Kingwood990

    Overdue pics of 417-A

    Looking real good Van.
  6. Kingwood990

    Long Overdue Pics of 312-8

    Looks real good Van. I am trying to figure out when I can come see it in person.
  7. Kingwood990

    Craftsman 7H.P. 246cc RER.

    This is the neat little mower jay in nc gave me yesterday when a friend and I went to buy another tractor from him. Its a very neat machine which has lots of potential. I plan on restoring it to at least running and driving condition. Any how here is some pictures. The tractor we went to pick up.
  8. Kingwood990

    What Are You Listening To?

    Just a little Allman Brothers on a Saturday afternoon.
  9. Kingwood990

    What Are You Listening To?

  10. Kingwood990

    a beautiful 520-H haul

    I have seen Jay's handy work in person and they are a high quality piece. They also look killer too.
  11. Kingwood990

    Last Nights Haul

    I can't say a thing. Just about all the tractors that have came up for sale recently you have told me about. And yes you are holding that sweet custom for me. Now we need to do something about them CL sellers.
  12. Kingwood990

    Last Nights Haul

    Looks good from here Pete. We would have more tractors around here if Jay did not horde them all.
  13. Kingwood990

    My First Round Hood!!! 1962 502

    Sweet 502 Wheel Crazy. I think I am in love with the Ford.