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  1. Mike in Esko


    This is the first one I bought... But it all started way back when watching my Dad love this one, in his own sort of way... Which was restored to this after he passed away... And now the two sit together constantly and are inseparable... Love the pics and the stories that go with them...keep 'em coming! Mike
  2. Mike in Esko

    Hello from Duluth, MN

    Welcome!!! I'm Mike from just down I-35 in Esko! As others have stated, this is a great site with all the info you ever need! We'll have to hook up! Mike :text-welcomewave:
  3. Mike in Esko

    1962 702

    Here is my 702 in winter dress:
  4. Mike in Esko

    2012 Red Square Calender Pictures

    One for consideration...1962 702 ready for the snow. Thanks for looking. Mike
  5. Well...several months later and I can call this done. Except for the mower deck. Here it is with the hood completed. And now, ready for winter. Finally, just one more pic. Here is the old girl with her bigger, younger and jealous brother. Next spring I'll get the mower done but now it is hunting shack time. Thanks for looking at the pics! Cheers! Mike
  6. Some new pictures...all that is left to do now is the hood, snow plow and mower deck. I'll get the hood and plow done before the snow flies but the deck is going to have to wait until spring. I got the repro seat cover off of e-bay and it is decent quality, but the red is a tad bit off...oh well, it beats the hunk of carpet that acted as a seat cover 6 months ago! As you can see, I didn't tear down the engine and rebuild it...just painted up the tins and other bolt on pieces... Mike
  7. Thanks for all the compliments guys...the engine is now mounted and the tool box, fenders and seat are on as well. Ordered a re-pro seat cover and waiting to get it. I should have pictures over the weekend. All that is left is the hood, mower deck and snow plow. Really enjoying the project, like I said I might just do the C-120 next year... Mike
  8. Mike in Esko

    Seriel number help

    :thumbs2: Looks to me like a 1962 702. Interesting colors! :banghead:
  9. I joined the forum a few months ago and also started on a disassemble and re-paint project on my late Dad's favorite lawn machine. As far as I know this 702 has never been washed or re-painted in it's lifetime. With baseball over the summer and a lot of time spent packing up my Mom for a move to the city, I haven't had an overabundance of time to spend on this project. But I have got some done on it and thought I'd share the status of it... Here it is before the tear-down: Here it is in pieces: Here it is in a rolling frame status: Here is the trusty 7 HP Kohler all ready to be bolted on: I've also received the new stickers from Redoyourhorse.com and they're ready to go and look great... Now it is just a matter of sandblasting the fenders, seat, hood and remaining guards...should be done soon. Then the snow plow and the mower deck... Who knows, maybe then I'll tear apart the C-120 and repeat the process... Thanks to all on this forum for the information and inspiration as I do this! MB
  10. Mike in Esko

    702 Brake Band

    Does anyone know the thickness of the brake band lining for a 702? I'm guessing 3/16" would work? Thicker? I have the band and plan on ordering some band lining from McMaster-Carr as the old lining fell out and was lost. Thanks, Mike :woohoo:
  11. Mike in Esko

    12 hp kohler carb settings.

    Check out this link: kind of a busy site, but you've got the owners manual right there and you can look through it. http://www.scribd.com/doc/6747174/Kohler-K...s-Owners-Manual Good luck, Mike
  12. Mike in Esko


    If it is more convenient for you, I've just gone to NAPA and picked up the seals/bearings that I've needed. My axle shaft seal was leaking and I damaged the needle bearing digging out the seal and it cost me $15 at NAPA for the replacements.
  13. Mike in Esko

    C-120 engine mount question

    For what it's worth, my C-120 is also exactly like this...the pulley side is bolted from underneath and the flywheel side has two bolts down. Mike
  14. Very, very nicely done!