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  1. otrelwood


    Boy that thing is a beauty How many trophy’s have you won with that’s far?
  2. otrelwood

    38" ber vac two stage snowblower

    I have a ber vac on my 520 I like a lot better than the wheel horse model it isn't as wide and doesn't bog the engine down in the heavy wet lake effect stuff we get here in northern Indiana make sure you get the lift assist springs with it
  3. otrelwood


    ive got 4 myself rumor says they only built a total of 884 of them one of mine is the 84 with the higher mount hydraulic controls easier to use in my opinion 2 are repowered with 20 hp onans, bolt on project , one has swept axle and gear reduction steering, foot control motion pedal with different rear gearing making it a much faster machine its getting fitted for an ark 550 loader the tractor in the picture above is an 84 that's the higher mount hydraulics only installed there that year
  4. otrelwood

    Couple of quesitons a buddy had re 518H

  5. otrelwood

    Couple of quesitons a buddy had re 518H

    are those instructions for the installation for foot control posted anywhere else? they are kind of hard to read on my computer thanks
  6. my air horse articulates with twin cylinders a little longer than the lift cylinder and runs off a sunstrand pump works fine
  7. otrelwood

    hy-2 or hy-3 hydraulics

    there was one there because I bought it and just installed it on an 854 was looking here to make sure I did it right
  8. otrelwood

    remove Hydro pump from D180

    its easier to pull the engine forward unless you have little hands and a lot of patience I have reworked several of them and have big hands I found it easiest for me to move the engine forward then take the bolts out of the pump at the rear and pull the manifold with it that way you can flip it over when you mount the manifold back to the pump there are 4 sets of o rings with backer rings kind of a pain to get them all in straight from underneath for me
  9. otrelwood


    you can go in the manuals section and download it
  10. otrelwood

    Steering Box Assembly Wanted

    I have one with the steering wheel and dash board if interested $100 (cant get steering wheel off without destroying it]
  11. otrelwood

    D-160 For Sale

    ive got a rearend and grill if someone buys it and wants to fix it
  12. otrelwood

    D 200 rear wheel size

    they are the same as chevy 6 lug wheels the 18 auto is the only one that came from the factory with 15" tires the rest had 12" rims
  13. otrelwood

    Project D-220

    when you get a chance could you take a couple more pictures of how you plumbed the hoses on the steering and valve and supply I have the same steering with no marking on it and would like to give that a try thanks
  14. otrelwood

    D series parts and transmission bearings.

    price for wheels?
  15. if its a good buy get it for a spare they are getting hard to find and expensive