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  1. garybllrdr

    shifter seems to be stuck in high gear

    Ok after checking forks and all as listed above i noticed the shifter its self looked bent in a fe places not letting it go back into shifter slots on frame so i starightended out the extra looking bends. after heating the metal, and no low and hehold it shifts no problem almost like new. guess my son when roll pin went out tried to force it a lot to much. thanks everyone. was kinda lost with out that thing running, seems like as soon as it went down i neeed it for 10 difffrent things
  2. garybllrdr

    shifter seems to be stuck in high gear

    so trans needs splitted then
  3. garybllrdr

    shifter seems to be stuck in high gear

    roll pin was toast after new roll pin installed still can not shift ant gears
  4. my wheel horse c-125 was working fine then it got stuck in high gear the shifter seems to move except does not take it out of gear any suggesstions as what to do? its an 8 speed trans btw
  5. garybllrdr

    Moving a 2 car Garage

    ok probally not a big deal to alot of members here but by the time we had finished we ha an amazing crowd along the road watching us pull that garage with a lawnmower as a few put it of course we corrected them that this was just not an ordinary lawnmower but it was a wheelhorse tractor only thing that sucked was our vidoe person forgot to load new batteries before we started so didnt get it all on video. by the time it was done 2 wheels broke off garage and we actually pulled it into place while i was on the ground with the c125. then the sad part as we was looking at what we had done we heard like running water we look over and my tractors full shutoff had poped out of the fuel tank looks as if the ribb on the insert failed so now i need to find a new one to get the c125 back to work
  6. garybllrdr

    Newbie from Texas

    lol there isnt anything in texas close its just too big. posting a few vids in a second of my c125 moving a 20x20 2 car garage today. here the link to the post with the video http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?...ST&f=57&t=21586
  7. garybllrdr

    Newbie from Texas

    what aprt of texas, hankamer texas here i have run across a few wheel horse tracors down here. as well as a lawn repair shop who has a couple in his collection and at times can find parts
  8. garybllrdr

    1976 speedex tractor

    ok today i found a 1976 speedex tractor in doing some reasearch i found this info posted anyone know how acurate it is? also if it is i was hoping somone had some good parts connections for these actually got 2 tractors lots of parts but only one fuel tank which is rusted inside and fouled fuel lines ect. so either looking for new tank/used or best way to clean rust out and such. s t o r y In 1935 Harold Pond founded the "POND TRACTOR COMPANY", and built Speedex tractors. He developed the Model B which is the first four wheel garden tractor in America. It had tiller steering, steel wheels, Briggs & Stratton Model ZZ air cooled engine, a Ford Model-A transmission, and Ford Model-T rear axle. By 1940 it was sold with rubber tires and by 1941 it was sold with a 6HP Briggs engine. A 1941 Sales Pamplet lists the Co. name as "POND GARDEN TRACTOR CO." the Model-B tractors were built in 1939,1940,1941,1942,1943. During this time he also developed the Model A and C walk-behind Tractors. In 1942 the Model FG ( Farm and Garden )was developed using a Ford Model A 4-cylinder engine, Model-A transmission,and Model-T rear axle. Later FG's had Model-A rear axle. It wasn?t until 1949 that Harold Pond then changed his company name to the "SPEEDEX TRACTOR COMPANY". In 1950 Harold developed the M-23 which utilized his own differential and transmission design. Several models proceeded from 2 wheel tractors to other 4 wheel tractors, the D-4, M-8, M-12, M-14, M-16, M-23, M-25 and WT two wheel walk behind.. In 1957 Harold Pond sold his company to Maury Foote and Jerry Stowe. Harold and his wife Golda then moved back to his native state and town of Galesburg ,Kansas. Born April 30th ,1905 Horld E.Pond died on Nov. 18th 1966 at the age of 61.
  9. garybllrdr

    c-125 front wheel bearing

    thanks napa had them in stock and i actually had a napa store only 14 miles away concerdering evrything is 40 miles or more away for anything else food ect. got the c-125 back up and going very fast and back to owrk spreading more sand.
  10. garybllrdr

    c-125 front wheel bearing

    can anyone give me the size or a part number for the front wheel bearing for my c125 from tsc or somewhere since here in texas n9ot many wheel horses to be seen (actually only seen one other in a junk pile of local lawn repaire guy still havnt got him to come off that one yet. one a side note my c125 has been impressing lots of people here with me using it to push and spread sand clay and even crushed concrete for the driveways of the property's i take care of.
  11. garybllrdr

    c125 playing in 11" of snow

    This was my first run with the wheelhorse in the snow due to a broke hand while in texas wasnt able to modify my manual lift for the snowblower and deffinatly coukldnt install or manually lift the blower with broke hand so had to dig the ole trusty plow out from the snow, by the time i got home this stuff has been drove on packed and even had one drive filled by somone who thought it was a good place to pile the snow from the street in front of the house. the c125 did a very impresive job on all the snow and packing of it a neighbor stopped by to tell me he thought i would of just been sitting there spi9nning my wheels when he seen me start, after that he was so amazed he watched me plow everything. sorry for the shortness and quility wife took vid with her cell phone. cant wait to hit all i did again tomarrow after we get the snow supossed to get
  12. garybllrdr

    lift cylinder travel

    anyone know what the travel is on a 520-HC Tractor Hydraulic Lift Cylinder got one given to me in good shape for my project of making my snowblower lift no longer namual just have no ideal what the travel range is for it .
  13. Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing http://www.bobstractorpartscorner.com/bigmaccrossing.htm
  14. garybllrdr

    new horse comming home soon

    does anyone know if lifts from any other tractor will work also like from a Raider 10 tractor ?
  15. garybllrdr

    Looking for a Mini Dozer

    here is another in michigan http://flint.craigslist.org/grd/797673916.html