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    Working on my WH 854 and C-105 and C-165.Also I putter around the spread here in western Pa. I have a lot of animal friends that pass by here every day.

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  1. Well I had to get rid of all my wheelhorse stuff!!! Oilcrazy has it all at his place now! Good luck Art I will miss messing around with them, Health is pretty bad Chas
  2. eric j and Jason you hit the nail on the head Chas
  3. I was sitting at a red light and I saw this fellow mowing grass ! The engine was in back then the operator was sitting up front. In front of him there was a big mower, on each side there was another mower It had TORO on what I think was the engine. Sure was booking around those flower beds That's the best I can describe it What do you think the model was,It looked pretty old. Chas
  4. WH854

    Help needed with '67 Lawn Ranger L157

    Maybe this link will help Chas
  5. Looks like that car was used on a dirt track some time in its past, with them bars welded in side, that seat looks like an old race car seat Chas
  6. WH854

    arm clutch rod removal

    You are not the only one that can break a clutch rod I got the bright idea to adjust my clutch travel, so I took the clutch rod and trunnion off the tractor, put rod and trunnion in vice to turn trunnion back some, wire brushed the threads on rod, put a little oil on threads, no turn, whats the matter here, a little heat, no turn, more heat, still no turn, more muscle, snapped that trunnion right off, what the he##. Now I have to get new parts! The threads on that rod were in good shape. I tried heating the broken threaded end and trunnion red hot, still all I did was chew up the one end in the vice. The factory must put loktite on the threads. The good side, I got new parts and tractor is up and running Chas
  7. WH854

    520 drum brake

    Yes you are supposed to have a break lining that contacts the break drum I think the P/N is109371 pricey too Chas
  8. WH854

    C-165 No Go

    You will not be able to get the shifter under that brake crossover shaft without doing more damage than you need (my advice is take the brake part out it's much easily that way) been their and done that And I don't think the brake assembly was in before the transmission was installed at the factory. Chas
  9. WH854

    C-165 No Go

    I put the Hi-Lo shifter in after I had the transmission bolted up, then put all the brake hook ups after I don't think you can get it to go on any other way. Chas
  10. WH854

    toro wheel horse deck belt drive

    I have a 42 inch deck 05-42MS02 I know it fits mine I didn't think about 05-48MS02 would be the same learned something new today Chas
  11. WH854

    toro wheel horse deck belt drive

    From Tractor To Mower P/N 102742 if it is a 42 inch mower http://www.rcpw.com/search/?quest=102742&search.x=53&search.y=10 Chas
  12. Check this out here http://www.rcpw.com/search/?quest=8014&search.x=0&search.y=0 looks like you can get them Chas
  13. WH854

    Wheel Horse 308-8 Magnum 8

    You Betcha good luck Chas