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  1. jbumgarner

    702 Seat

    Seat cover is available on ebay, so thats easy enough and think I could build the bracket, but need dimensions and a good picture. I would think a piece of flat stock cut to length and bent would be fairly simple. The actual back rest could be tough. Anyone out there made one and have dimensions and pictures?
  2. I haven't had my 702 running in 4 years and got it out over the weekend, checked the usual found carb dirty and a broken ground wire so not too bad. It will be running soon. Now the seat isn't tightening up so it's wobbly, I can fix that but was curious if anyone knew where I can get a seat cover and maybe even the seat back. I dont want to go with a new seat. Suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. I have a 702 with a blade and Mower thay has been sitting for a couple years so I thought if I was going to get it going I may as well do it right. I don't have a lot of time and was hoping someone could refer me to someone that does restorations. I'd like to get the tractor back in good running condition so just a mechanical restoration and some clear coat to preserve the patina. I'm in northern Illinois if anyone knows of someone to refer me to. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  4. I don't have any pics to post, but I think everyone else has taken care of that. I did have a great time and really enjoyed finally putting faces to names. It was great to meet you all and hope we get a chance to meet up again. Thanks for making me feel welcome. Next year I will surely bring my tractors.
  5. I had a similar situation last year with a cherry 64' Chevelle. I talked to a lady and agreed to be at her place as soon as she got home from work the following day. I got there at 4 and no one home. Waited around and called the lady's number a few minutes later and didn't get an answer. I waited around and she pulled up with another lady. Guess what no car. I asked where the car was and she sold it at work that day. I told her we talked the night before and guess what she said "first come first serve". I didn't know I needed to ride an hour away in the middle of the night. I felt the same way you did, but now if I call and they agree I go then don't matter how far or what time. Sorry for my venting as well. I guess I'm just a year late in my vent.
  6. I moved from North Carolina to Southern Illinois a couple years ago and now I am moving to Northern Illinois. I have a 702 with a snowblade, but was interested in getting a snow blower. I looked in the manual section and seen what snow blower came originally for the tractor, but I have yet to see one for sale. Is there any other model snow blowers that would fit my tractor. I am fairly new to WH tractors and need some advise on this.
  7. jbumgarner

    Wheel Horse Inverter Generator

    That makes since. I didn't think of that. Cool
  8. jbumgarner

    Wheel Horse Inverter Generator

    I may be ignorant here, but would it be cheaper to buy a belt driven generator head and mount it up. This would accomplish the same thing without having an alternator and mounting the battery. If I am looking at this backwards or something let me know, because I don't have a generator and would love to have something to take care of us under power outages. I had been looking at this one. What do you think. Now I look back at it I see how your way may be cheaper, but I thought it would be by much. http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_21008_21008?cm_mmc=Google-pla-_-Generators-_-Generator%20Heads-_-165915&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=165915&gclid=CI-L2J6L0bkCFbBDMgodEzoAdw
  9. Looks good, I really wish I had friends like yours that were local. Great job, cant wait to see it finished.
  10. When I paint wheels I use a similar tactic, but about a month ago I was at a friends house who generally does restores on large tractors. He had let the air out and smeared Vaseline all over the tire being careful not to get it on the rim. He then sprayed the entire tire. Once the paint dried he washed the tire with degreaser and the Vaseline and all overspray came completely off. Wheel looked great when he was done. I think it took nearly as long as masking off the tire, but I thought it was neat and worth mentioning.
  11. jbumgarner

    Rear Discharge Gear Drive Deck Issues

    It was a bit of a pain to figure out the order for reassembly, but all and all not to bad. Back together and cut the front yard. Cuts pretty good. Engine still a little off, my buddy only cleaned and adjusted the carb. still think it needs a rebuild. That for another day. Thanks for the advise on the mowing deck.
  12. jbumgarner

    Rear Discharge Gear Drive Deck Issues

    Thanks for the advise, looks like I will be keeping my kids away while I work this weekend. I'll make sure to stock the cooler up with plenty of beer as well. That should help.
  13. I recently picked up a rear engine rider to mow the yard at a rental house once I move and yesterday I finally got the deck on and everything hooked up. I rebuilt the carb and have it running good, so I tried to engage the deck and BANG, BANG, BANG, so I disengaged the blades thinking a blade was hitting the side of the deck. Lift the mower and found that one blade spins without the other spinning and this is causing the blades to hit. I would assume I have either a broken gear or a sheared key somewhere. I plan to take off the deck again this weekend and check it out, but thought someone here may have had similar problems and could lend some advise.
  14. jbumgarner

    Reo RR-66 Question

    Well I fixed the problem and don't really know how, but I had to make a couple adjustments. Now as I install the mowing deck I found other problems. Looks like I am missing parts. Well what else is new. I also need a seat cover for the mower. I thought there was a guy in the vendors section that made them, but I couldn't find any information. If anyone could help out on that please let me know.
  15. jbumgarner

    Reo RR-66 Question

    I know there are not many of these out there, but I picked one up last week and thought I would mow with it from time to time. I cleaned the carb and tank, so its running pretty good now but not perfect. I think I'll rebuild the carb and it should take care of that. I also found the belts were slipping so I put new belts on it and now it will not go in reverse. I am pretty sure the belts are on properly, but I was hoping someone could take a picture of the belts on theirs and post them here. I know there is some adjustments that can be made, but it wasn't doing this before the new belts were put on and everything looks correct based on the owners manual. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance