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  1. I have to say that you always take the greatest photos. Great eye for angles and backgrounds.
  2. formariz

    520h throttle problem

    Have the same issue on my 520. It will come down from full throttle to about half.Same happens with my Electro. In the spirit of making things easy specially with something which will occur again in the future due to wear, this is my solution on the 520.
  3. formariz

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    You are going to love that thing. It makes blowing leaves something to look forward to.
  4. formariz

    Ag Tire Mounting Help

    A few years ago I was going through the same ordeal where it took 10 screwdrivers or whatever i could wedge in there , so much soap that everything slipped out of my hand, two pairs of hands, one set of knees and me turning into a raving lunatic. Then I decided to buy one of those small tire changing kits at HF. Fastened it to a small portable work table that gets fastened to the floor when using it and that changed everything. In less than twenty minutes I can remove old tire and install new one. If you own more than six of these old tractors or keep getting them a well worth investment.
  5. formariz

    Prayers for Brrly1

    Sad to hear it. Hope all goes well for him through his recovery. My prayers are with him.
  6. formariz

    Blowing 25A fuse

    Save Old Iron hasn't been around for a long long time. I sure miss his incredible knowledge of anything and everything electrical. He surely also knew how to put it so anyone could understand it. Where are you crazy little squirrel? Come back please.
  7. formariz

    Happy Birthday Stevasaurus

    Sorry for the delay I am traveling in California. Happy Birthday my Sipping Friend.
  8. formariz

    Happy Birthday Aldon

    Happy Birthday and wishes of many more.
  9. formariz

    New to the WH obsession

    First let me welcome you to this forum and as you already realized it, "the Wheel horse obsession".. Now let me advise you to put your seat belt on because you will be in for the ride of your life as many of us can attest to. As for your current mechanical problem, it is easy to fix and you should definitely be able to.Any questions or difficulties can be addressed by countless members here who are willing able and always ready to assist. You will not find another group of individuals as capable and knowledgeable as this one here. They will not only help you but also encourage you in learning all about your Wheelhorse and learning how to perform just about every aspect of maintenance and repairs on it.
  10. I have to say first that wheel horses changed my attitude over all chores around here. Having a large property keeps one constantly busy and many times it is hard work. That however changed as Wheel horses started arriving here. 1-Mowing one acre of lawn used to be a dreaded chore even with a professional walk behind mower chasing after that crazy machine on hot days. Now I look forward to doing it twice per week while sitting on the horse basically admiring the place as I mow. 2- Snow removal was absolutely the worst experience of the year. Between shovels and trying to muscle a large snow blower around, at the end of an hour of it I was physically done for. Now I find myself wishing for snow. Plowing with the Electro is about the most fun I have with any of the tractors.I now even do several neighbors' driveways.I find myself spending a whole day out there just trying to find more snow.Now I cant wait to also use the new 520 with the monster two stage on it and a cab which I recently obtained. 3- Leaf season was another dreadful job. Those pesky leaves never stop coming down. Again, with the newly devised leaf blower attached to front of tractor, I am always looking outside hoping for more leaves on ground. Probably the most satisfying of all jobs here now. 4-Hauling firewood to the house was another hard job here since I keep it at the very end of property. No problem now. Having several wagons, I actually keep one always loaded, just in case I am in a hurry next time or don't feel like loading it. 5-The real treat is also driving grand kids and others around in the wagons. Not only we love it, but neighbors enjoy seeing so much that they insisted that we go through their properties whenever we want. To the point that I am able to actually go through two different towns all through neighbors yards and backstreets. 6-Then when I am bored or upset about anything I find that just going to work on a horse is the best therapy for me. I even now have a dedicated tractor shop, finding myself in there many times up to 2AM. So, as one can see there really is not any one specific usage that is really my favorite. All of them are greatly enjoyed for how easy they made my life around here. I keep different tractors set up with different implements so I don't need to be setting anything up. I merely jump on to another one for a different function. In addition to that, I have over the years improved them by adding many modifications and great ideas that I have come across in Redsquare from many different members.
  11. formariz

    What's with the attraction?

    As far as how many, I am up to 13 running complete ones and probably enough parts to assemble four more. It's just not easy to store them any more.
  12. formariz

    What's with the attraction?

    Here what started years ago merely as a visual attraction to a cool looking old tractor resembling a miniature of a "real" tractor, has become a way of life. Just this last week with the mud slide and flood we had one once again proved to be an invaluable tool to help me out of a bad situation. Incredibly even the wife for the first time ever had kind words for a wheel horse, not to mention all the onlookers that simply gawked at it in amazement on what it could do.
  13. formariz

    The Electro made it to the news

    Sounded good too sporting a Jay Bee muffler.
  14. formariz

    The Electro made it to the news

    I didn't realize I was talking so fast. I guess you can say I was a little excited. For about two consecutive hours me my poor wife with Parkinson's and my youngest son that luckily was here at the time, fought to save the house by constantly sweeping and pumping water out of garages which are my shop through a side door.At one time the water was up to my waist in front of garage doors. Doors held but started buckling in the middle and water was rushing in through the ends of doors. Luckily also for the rest of the first floor, garages are by code 4" lower that rest of house which is on a slab with no basement.Very little water went inside, however garage after water subsided had about two inches of mud through out. Car outside(four wheel drive) had so much garbage and rocks underneath that it would not move an inch. We had to jack it up and remove all the garbage from underneath it. The video below was taken when things were getting better and water was subsiding. It was clear water at that point. Only then one of us could afford to stop from removing water from inside and go outside to see what was going on.Overall I was one of the lucky ones. Only damage in garage and outside, nothing in the house.
  15. formariz

    The Electro made it to the news

    I always knew I would make it to the news for something bad. That is my place and me in there.