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  1. WheelHorse_of_course

    Any Idea What This Is?

    Actually I have had three over the years!
  2. WheelHorse_of_course

    Happiest kids on the block

    Brings back memories. One advantage to the manual transmission models is they are better for learners. Looks like your girls may be experienced enough to go in higher gears though!
  3. WheelHorse_of_course


    The primary reason for ethanol is the fact that the iowa caucuses are the first step to becoming President. No other logical reason !
  4. WheelHorse_of_course

    Big accumulation = ploughing

    So is the Wheel Horse cleaning up after real horses, or some other animals?
  5. WheelHorse_of_course

    Poor, neglected, and abused horse!

    Some british auto humor: Q: Why do the British drink warm beer? A: Because they all have Lucas refrigerators!
  6. WheelHorse_of_course

    Horse Sitting

    The 1960 Suburban my grandfather had (the one that started it all for me) was christened "Little Bastard" because the Lawson engine was always very hard to start. Years later, the engine was replaced with a Teccy and started just fine. My horses both had names
  7. WheelHorse_of_course


    You would think so. But the lack of knowledge by the folks on this thread makes you wonder.
  8. WheelHorse_of_course

    Charger 9

    9 HP is not much for a 42" deck on a hydro tractor. If you are likely to let the grass get long, you may be disappointed. That said, you can do 50% overlap when the grass is tall and you would probably be fine. My Charger 12 came with 36" deck and I upgraded to 42" and in some ways was disappointed. Your mileage may vary!
  9. WheelHorse_of_course

    Charger 12 in DC area (package)

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. WheelHorse_of_course

    Charger 12 in DC area (package)

    I am being forced to move to a new location, and it looks like I will have to part with "Secretariat" my trusty 1969 Charger 12 (direct predecessor to the C-120 Auto). 1969 Charger 12 in good working condition. K301 12 HP Kohler is in good shape and runs well. Never had any problem with Sundstrand transmission. Previous owner did a hand-brush paint job, so rust is very minimal, but she's a worker not a show horse. Comes with the following: -42" side discharge deck -32" Snow Blower (short chute single stage) -42" Dozer/Snow Blade -40" Dethatcher Attachment -MacKissic Hammer Mill/Shredder -A variety of spare parts including an extra fuel pump and belts. -Manuals for all of the above All of the above are ready to use. The following items no 100% ready, see notes -Brinly Spreader/Aerator modified to have sleeve hitch (to use this the tractor will need a list cable) -Brinly Leaf sweeper (needs significant work to make a new hopper) With a little TLC this package is perfect to maintain your property year round! I would strongly prefer to sell the above as a lot. I will consider reducing the price if you don't want all of the implements, but only slightly. The buyer of the Tractor gets first refusal on the following item: Craftsman "trip bucket" and custom mount. $50 in addition to the above package. NOTE: I used this bucket on the Charger and it is pretty nice. Not as nice as a Jonny Bucket, but still a really nice attachement. Between this, and the dozer blade, I moved a lot of dirt rather efficiently. However, if you want it to work properly for heavy material like dirt, you will need to drill/enlarge two of the holes in the frame of the tractor. I had planned on doing so, but never got around to it. I don't know when I will get around to posting pictures. If someone is seriously interested in buying sometime in the next month, I will certainly send you pictures to help you decide.
  11. WheelHorse_of_course

    36" Deck mower blades (2 sets) Clockwise rotation (viewed from above)

    Still trying to get rid of these!!
  12. I am now working in the city of Arlington and the cost to park is really taking a bite out of my budget. The parking lots allow bicycles and motor scooters (licensed or not) to park for free. So I am looking to get rid of my precious Cushman. This is a 2000 model and was originally used by the city of New York parking police ("meter miads"). It has a 3 cylinder water-cooled fuel-injected Suzuki engine and a 3-speed automatic transmission. It is considered a motorcycle and you do need a motorcycle license to drive it. A lot of fun in both the winter and summer since it has doors (they can be removed for the summer if you wish. I would like to trade this for a working brand name motor scooter (NOT a little 50 cc moped). Scooter needs to be in running condition, but need not be pretty. https://c7.staticflickr.com/9/8163/7671179566_01fc01d531_z.jpg
  13. WheelHorse_of_course

    48" Plow/Dozer NEW cutting edge

    Good of you to offer these. Too bad my blade is a ~36 incher!
  14. WheelHorse_of_course

    36" Deck mower blades (2 sets) Clockwise rotation (viewed from above)

    Changed Price to $26+ Shipping per set If anyone knows what these fit please let me know! Vertical shaft? Electric series? ??
  15. WheelHorse_of_course


    please set to inactive