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  1. reeman-uk

    Wheelhorse D-160

    I would love to but I do not have any attachments for it. I am slowly collecting and making the parts for a 3pt which will make attachements easier
  2. reeman-uk

    Wheelhorse D-160

    Until the Christmas break, my son and I have not had much time on our Wheelhorse’s. We wanted to get our D-160 running, which is a bit of a rare beast in the UK. Now that we have it running, we have started to think about returning the exhaust to a more standard configuration. A while back I was told that a B&S muffler part no. 291519 works well but sadly this part is no longer available. I also need to do the same for our D-200 so whatever solution I go for needs to be easily repeatable. Before I start to either make something or adapt a car muffler, I wondered what others have done for a D-Series and/or what advice people can offer. Thanks in advance. My son has created a video of our D-160 which I would like to share
  3. reeman-uk

    finished the loader

    I can understand why you think people are critising and it might be worth providing them with some more details about your testing. I know from personal experience the painful process you have to go through to get CE confirmity marking before you can even start to sell stuff like this within the UK and EU, it's a long process.
  4. reeman-uk

    Any Wheel Horse D series in UK?

    The steering on my D-160 worked fine but was sloppy and it was interesting to keep it in a straight line at full speed, so I thought that rather than adjust it I would take the steering box apart and do a full refurbishment. The attached picture is what I found inside the steering box. As a rule of thumb, if your D has ever been left outside for a while and the top steering column bush is warn, yours will probably look the same. I found that the same or similar steering box was fitted to a number of JD’s and the ones I found were 140, 216 and 300. I have no idea what these tractors look like. If you really want to impress the JD parts person these are the part numbers you need: M45567 – Stud (the bit that turns the steering arm) AM31924 – Bearing kit which includes 2 races, 2 ball sets and 2 retainers (ball sets are essental for driving a D a full speed!) Optional bits are M45568 – Isolator (the large D shaped spacer) M43747 – washer (that fits under the race) A quick Google for any of these part numbers is likely to give you a JD parts diagram. Note. these diagrams may not look like your WH part but I think that is a problem with the diagrams not the reality. The job does not take very long, so no excuses for sloppy steering on your D To finish the job I fitted thrust bearings between the front axle and steering spindles to give me poor mans power steering. I would be really interesting in knowing the parts to fit for proper power steering. Iain
  5. reeman-uk

    Any Wheel Horse D series in UK?

    Andy, The older I get the quieter I like my tractors. The exhaust I have on the D-160 makes it sound like a full size tractor and does not really look as odd as the picture suggests. I will take a better picture one day. The one I posted was taken looking down on the tractor which makes it look very large. This may be old news for D-series owners however just in case it is not. I needed to rebuild the steering box on my D-160 as it was even more sloppy than usual. I priced the parts in the US and had a bit of a shock. I then did lots of research and found that the same steering box is used on a smaller tractor of the green and yellow variety. I went to the local dealer and bought the parts over the counter for not a lot of money. I am now looking forward to doing the same on the D-200 when I get the chance. I forgot to mention that I have a love/hate relationship with my D-200. I love it and each time I spend lots of time getting it working well, it dies soon afterwards and has to be dragged back to the workshop. For the moment it is parked in the dark at the back of my storage building surrounded by tractors of a different brand, so it can think about its behaviour. Iain Iain
  6. reeman-uk

    Any Wheel Horse D series in UK?

    I just found a picture of the exhaust I put on my D-160. This was before the flipper got added to the top and the home made manifold got painted. It sounds great and is not really as tall as it looks in the picture. I added a brace to remove any stress from the exhaust port. I now need to do the same on the D-200 or find a cost effective altervative to the standard exhaust. Double the cost on the D-200. I was once told by someone in the US that a B&S exhaust is a good alternative but they never gave me the part number. Iain
  7. reeman-uk

    Any Wheel Horse D series in UK?

    I have searched through my pictures (I think I have more picture of my tractors than I do my kids) and my two D-series appear to be a little camera shy. If I have done this correctly I should have attached two pictures of my D-200 and one of the D-160. Warning - two of the pictures also contain another brand of tractor Iain
  8. reeman-uk

    Any Wheel Horse D series in UK?

    Hi, Unfortunately I don't get the chance to drop onto the forum very often, however my timing is good to respond to this. I live in Norfolk and have two D-series tractors, a D-200 with three point, wheel brakes and PTO and a basic D-160. They are very strange things to drive. I don't have any attachments for either. Iain
  9. reeman-uk

    D-160 forklift

    Posted on another forum too. I am planning to build a forklift to hang from the back of my D-160. It will weigh a lot even before I lift something. I don't want to damage the rear axle or any major parts as I live in the UK and part are impossible to find. Does anyone know how much weight I can hang off the back of my D-160 without risk of breaking anything? Also I need new mufflers for my D-160 and D-200, does anyone know of a muffler I can use that will fit in the original location? Thanks Iain