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    1982 C-85 with roll bar,
    1960 Suburban 400,
    1966 1076 automatic w. hydro lift plow
    1963 604 project
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    1968 Commando 6 with plow blade
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    older wheel horse tractor

    The short frame Horses are very collectible. I'd just call it an 877, and restore it. Could be a nice tractor.

    older wheel horse tractor

    Don't let the Briggs mislead you. It's not the original engine. It had an electric start, probably a Kohler, because it has a battery tray. Based on the style of clutch engagement lever, I'd guess it's a 1967 or a little later. Definitely an old Horse. Look for a plate with a model number on it just under the control panel. Jim
  3. Anyone have opinions on the TILT of the blade top-to-bottom? Most WH blades I have seen have the tilt adjustment in the second hole from the top. But the big trucks that the highway dept uses, don't push the snow. They lift the snow from the road, and throw it to the side. I adjusted my 48" blade at max tilt, and found it did a better job on that sloppy snow that we just had. Along with wheel weights and chains and some momentum, it seemed to lift and throw instead of push. Also, tri-rib tires or chains on the front help to keep the plowing straight. Jim

    Gun deer opening day in MI

    Nice deer Ed. Now I know why you haven't been as present here on Red Square. Been in the woods harvesting venison. Jim
  5. I'm going to switch from a 42" to a 48" this year, and put it on my 418A. But an important change I'll make is to increase the tilt (top to bottom, not side to side) on the blade so that it LIFTS the snow, and doesn't just push it. My 42" blade was on a 1076 tractor, and it bogged down in wet snow because of not enough tilt on the blade. Looks like I'm going to need the plow tomorrow, so I better go finish mounting it. Jim

    Snow plow linkage missing

    If you don't need downward pressure on he blade, then a short length of chain is your best bet. That's what I use, because I have a driveway with hills and valleys. I lift the plow with hydraulics, and would rather not have a rigid linkage pressing against the hydraulic piston when I go uphill. I just let the weight of the blade do the scraping. I own one of the solid links, but have never found a need for it. Get some chain with links that will fit the clevis pins, cut to the right length for your tractor. Good luck. Jim


    If it's like my 856, the dip stick is attached to the square headed, screw-in plug shown in your picture. The longer dip sticks came later. Looks like a nice tractor, and not too big a project. You done good. Jim
  8. Wheel Horse 42" plow. RESTORED with some new parts. Model number on A-frame is 6-4113. Came off of a Commando 6. Fits short frame or regular frame by moving bar at rear. Wire brushed, primed, and painted. Edge is good and straight.

    Wheel Horse 418-A

    I hope this helps. Jim

    picked up a charger 12

    Those prices were all over the place. Some very rough went for 3 to 4 hundred. A fully restored, orange painted one went for almost $2000. I'm not into Panzers that much, so didn't pay close attention. The only one I wrote down was the Pennsylvania Panzer T75 for $350.

    picked up a charger 12

    The auction was near Strasburg, PA, south of Lancaster, on Saturday 11/3. The collector passed away. There were 25 WHs, 16 Panzers, a Bush Hog, a Strunk Chipmunk that sold for over $3000, two Bantams that went for $2000 each, a GardenMaster EarthMaster for $2200, a Squire Applegate, an Eshlman, a few J Deeres, lots of Simplicities, a Page, and lots of other rare tractors in various states of repair. The Bantams were so nice that the owner had them stored in his livingroom. Lots of good pictures still on CL Lancaster, PA. I was lucky enough to score a nice 856 and a model 16 Automatic, as well as a bunch of parts. (pictures if it ever stops raining) Jim

    picked up a charger 12

    Hi Robbie, I see you wasted no time in putting the machine to work. I was standing right next to you when you were high bidder, and I'm the one who gave you a dollar for the pulley later in the day. If I hadn't already bought two tractors, I would have bid on it. The bids would have been higher if the paint was closer to original, but that's easily remedied. Mechanically, it looks like it is great shape. That was a great auction, and I wish you the best with your new tractor. Jim

    Heart Valves

    Had my aortic valve and aortic aneurysm replaced at the U of Penn Hospital in Philly six years ago. It came with a 15 year guarantee. New procedures are less invasive (in many cases), and can be done with catheters instead of open surgery. Definitely get a second opinion. I can recommend Dr. Joseph Bavaria at Penn. It's a slow recovery, but keep on pushing, and you'll feel better than you did before the surgery. Best of luck. Jim

    Got myself an anniversary present !!

    "Cool way to start a vacation." Risky way to start a 25th anniversary. Hope you make it to 26th. My wife rolls her eyes and says "No!" every time I look at any tractor along the road. Jim

    Predator 22HP Engine Swap. Who has done one???

    Let us know how it goes. I have a 520H that needs a replacement engine. Jim