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  1. Madcat

    pull behind sprayer

    60 gal tank, PTO pump, short spray boom allows easy go through and around trees.
  2. Madcat

    D-180 axle spindles

    Question... are D-180 spindles and axle shafts 1 inch diameter ? Thanks
  3. Added 520H valve and Allis Chalmers tractor cylinder in series with the belly cylinder and valve like this, for a C120 custom dump truck. Works very well.
  4. Madcat

    314-8, 414-8

    What is the difference between a 314-8 and a 414-8 ?
  5. Madcat

    Ark 508 loader, more questions

    Sounds like the control valve is going into the float position when you pull it back. Maybe you got the valve reversed or the hoses reversed.
  6. Madcat

    Hydro Lift Cyl.

    I've done this and it works great. Modified 520H Eaton by adding 4-way selector valve, cylinder and plumbing to provide a 2 point hitch. Modified C120 Sunstrand to build a dump truck with hydraulic lift by adding a spool valve and cylinder and plumbing in series with existing valve and cylinder. The dump truck hydraulics are fast acting and show no affect on the operation of the transmission or existing mid mount cylinder. The truck is not complete, due to darn cold weather and it's buried in snow outside.
  7. Madcat

    Sundstrand hyd lift hook-up ?

    I'm replacing my stock lift control valve with a control valve equipped with pressure relief, on a Charger 12 tractor. Can anyrone tell me which line on the Sunstrand hydro is the pressure line and which is the return line. I suspect the correct connection is important due to the pressure relief feature. Thanks
  8. That was a great project. I enjoyed following the progress. What a machine ! WHAT'S NEXT ?? !!
  9. Like everyone else I've been watching your build with much interest. Your gas tank location brings to mind an experience I had with a home made tractor with a V4 air cooled engine. Tank was close to the exhaust manifold. Gasoline boils at a temperature between 100-400 degrees F depending on altitude and how the gas is formulated with additives. Good luck.
  10. Madcat

    Water Pump

    This is my similiar pump mounting for spraying lawn fertilizer and herbicide.
  11. Thanks, that picture helps a lot, making up the wire connectors now. I need to correct myself. The ignition switch terminal is "M" not "I". I've been working on this too long, getting confused. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks Terry I have downloaded the manual and it says terminal "I" on the trigger must be connected to the ignition switch OR the ignition coil. The wiring diagram is not clear to me. I'm missing something, because I have the black lead from the "I" terminal on the ignition switch going to the engine but not sure where to put it.
  13. I have rebuilt the Kohler engine on a 1970 Electo 12. I can't remember how the coil and the trigger were wired. A wire from stator goes to the "A" lead on the trigger. Does the "I" lead on the trigger connect to both the coil and "I" terminal (black wire) on the ignition switch. I took pictures and notes before I tore it down by must have missed this connection. Appreciate some help.
  14. Fun to watch your video. You've built a real beast !!