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  1. Selling my 2015 NEO NAVF 7’x12’ all aluminum Wheel Horse Hauler. I hope I don’t regret this. Trailer was purchased new in 2015 and has seen very little use. I mainly used it to store my tractor collection so it sat inside my pole barn year round up until July of 2017. It is designed to fit in a garage with 8 foot tall doors. I’m down to two tractors and don’t need this trailer anymore. It will haul 4 short frames. The trailer is in excellent condition although it unfortunately does have a few stone dings in the front just above the stone guard. I had this trailer custom built the way I wanted it for my intended use as a tractor hauler and short term camper. It has performed well but it’s time to sell it. Here are the particulars. - NEO All Aluminum Cargo Trailer! Light weight all aluminum construction, more cargo carrying capacity. Aluminum Main Frame, 2” Coupler, 15” Radial Tires with aluminum rims, steel spare with interior wall mount, wall vents, 2-15”x30” sliding windows with tinted glass and screens, , 1-3500# Single Axle. w/ electric brakes, Screwless Exterior--73”Interior Height--16 O.C., 67.25” rear door height, 76” rear door width, 92.75 overall height, 144” outside box length, 142” interior box length, 22” v-nose, overall outside length 193”, 81” interior width, 102” exterior width, 17” tongue height, , Flat Roof, ATP Stone guard, Slant Wedge V Nose, white vinyl interior walls, 3/4 Plywood Floor, 9- D-Rings, numerous small wall tie downs, 32 x 68 Side Door, LED Tail and Running Lights, Barn Doors, Ramp Door with transitions flap, custom aluminum storage cabinet, rear door spring cover, Monstaliner bed liner applied to cargo and ramp floors, special UV roof coating on roof to reflect the sun and keep the interior cooler, 120 volt exterior power service with interior panel and receptacle. I camped in this trailer a couple of times using a queen size air bed across the back half of the trailer. I still had room for a couple of chairs and a table. I used a small electric heater to warm things up in the morning. I have just under $6000 invested in this trailer and it is in excellent condition. Trailer is currently available to view most any day or time. Email me if you are interested or have any questions. Leave a message and I’ll send you my phone number if you want to talk about it and I’ll get back to you quickly.
  2. Fun Engineer

    Pay attention

    Terry, terry, terry. Hope it heals well.
  3. Fun Engineer

    D-series mid grader blade compatibility

    Thanks Sarge. Just thinking of what my c-160 can handle. I’ve got a 40” on my Commando.
  4. Has anyone been successful mating a D series mid grader blade to a c-series?
  5. Fun Engineer

    Shift boot. #3577

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. Fun Engineer

    Shift boot. #3577

    That fit all the gear transmissions except the early ones I think. I don’t have any left.
  7. Fun Engineer

    seat covers

    Check with Terry Wolf (937) 548-3781. Give him a day or two to get back. Tell him I sent you.
  8. Fun Engineer

    Who sells the seat covers?

    Not getting out of the hobby guys. Just a serious effort to downsize. Here's the name and number of the guy that is doing seat covers. They are very nice. Terry Wolf (937) 548-3781. Give him a day or two to respond. Tell him I recommend you call him.
  9. Fun Engineer

    Selling out

    Hope so Tom. Keep an eye on those guys during the show this year. 😜
  10. Fun Engineer

    Selling out

    I have been able to sell everything that I wanted gone. Thanks to all that purchased parts or tractors.
  11. Fun Engineer

    Selling out

    Sent you a pm with Terry Wolfes phone number. I have been able to sell everything that I wanted gone. Thanks to all that purchased parts or tractors.
  12. Fun Engineer

    Enclosed trailer flooring options

    Now that's a trailer Aldon. What are the dimensions? I've been using mine for hauling furniture and other things acquired over 40 years to a storage unit while our house is finished. The Monstaliner is holding up well. Look forward to hearing about your U-POL experience.
  13. Fun Engineer

    Lawn Ranger L-157, front wheel spindle pair.

    Still available.
  14. Fun Engineer

    Headlight bucket. Pigtails

    Updated classified.
  15. Fun Engineer

    12x7 Wheels (2)

    Changed Status to Closed