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  1. rexman72

    50 inch grader blade

  2. rexman72

    50 inch grader blade

    I have a 42 inch mowing deck, and a 50 inch grader blade and a 56 inch dozer blade for trade.Looking for anything that catches my eye.I am open to ideas.All three of these came off a D tractor
  3. rexman72

    D 42 inch mower deck

    I have a 42 inch mowing deck from a D 200 tractor for sale for 200 bucks.comes with mower blades that have been used one year.
  4. rexman72

    Belt on loader pump

    finally figured it out.the pully on the pto was stuck to the outside causing it to heat up.I freed the pulley.
  5. rexman72

    Belt on loader pump

    I think I found the issue.The guard on the pto is worn out and I don't even need to engage the pto to run the loader.I had the same problem when I was burning belts on the 417A.I changed the guard and that problem went away.
  6. rexman72

    Belt on loader pump

    I ran the tractor for 20 minutes standing still and everything was good.then I took it out to move snow ans it started smoking under a load.I shut the tractor off and the pump seems to be turning hard and its a brand new pump.I looked in the hydraulic tank and I see bubbles and white stuff on top of the hydraulic oil.
  7. rexman72

    Belt on loader pump

    I will start the tractor and let it run for 10 minutes or so and see what happens.The pump was bought in oct and was working right before the last two storms.Would water getting into the tank also cause this?If so is there an additive i can out in the tank?
  8. rexman72

    Belt on loader pump

    I did tighten the belt.Should is get a thicker belt.Its a homemade loader on my D 200.After 20 minutes tonight it started smoking and stretched and then broke
  9. rexman72

    Belt on loader pump

    tried a new belt that was smaller which is a Dayton A42 belt and the pto got so hot it stretched the belt out like I have never seen before.
  10. rexman72

    Belt on loader pump

    Yes it ran fine until we got a real bad cold weather.I have a 6 inch pulley and replaced the belt thats a little shorter.I will try this out today when i get home.
  11. rexman72

    Belt on loader pump

    it just started doing this last storm when i was really cold and the oil was cold.I am going to try a smaller belt
  12. rexman72

    Belt on loader pump

    Its the D200 and pump runs freely.Its a homemade loader and everything turns freely. actuallu i am not letting it warm up.I am turning it on and going.
  13. rexman72

    Belt on loader pump

    Pump is brand new and oil is what is recommend by pump man.Its been really cold here though the past few times I have run the loader.
  14. Last storm I smelled something burning and it was my loader pump belt and it broke clean apart.SO I replaced it today and tried it out and sure enough it was so hot the belt started smoking again.Now the belt I have is a little loose.Any ideas of what can all of a sudden be going on.Maybe the Wrong belt I am using.