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  1. shorts

    Prayers Wanted for JimD

    Jim, good to see that you are progressing well and you might get out in time to enjoy spring at home.
  2. shorts

    Utility Trailer Advice

    I think that if I was in the market for a utility type trailer I would look for something in the 6 x 10' range on a 5K drop center axle with stake pockets for removable sides. The reasoning / justification is sooner or later you are going to have a need to load a 48" or 60" side discharge mower deck and the 48 might fit into a 5 X trailer but a 60 won't for some reason the decks are 1 inch to wide or the trailer dimensions are outside measurements. A 5K axle will start you off with brakes and bigger springs, hubs & bearings as well as tires. Sooner or later someone will want to borrow your trailer and it's real easy to overload a 5 or 6 X 10' trailer on light running gear with a larger tractor or a load of landscape material. Properly applied powder coat is not a negative in my opinion and can be touched up with regular paint as necessary. some sort of provision should be made for a tool box and winch mount on the tongue
  3. shorts

    Prayers Wanted for JimD

    I've been away from the forum for a while, come back and see this and being aware of your sense of humor I can only wish you the best of care and a speedy recovery. You have been added to the prayer list
  4. shorts

    Mentone Indiana Spring Swap Meet

    We will be coming in from the Detroit area, and usually stay in Warsaw In take your pick on the hotel/motel most major chains are represented
  5. shorts

    Resorcinol Glue

    Look at the aircraftspruce website for a small quantity of resorcinol glue, my quick research suggests that it is an excellent glue but that it requires tight fitting joints, proper clamping and that the formaldehyde compounds are an irritant that may cause long term health issues if proper precautions are not followed.
  6. shorts

    Update on my 1930's Ford Doodlebug tractor!

    the old winnebago motor homes on Dodge chassis used the same 5 lug bud wheels, IIRC they were also used on some of the older military rolling stock
  7. shorts

    Onan 20 Valve seat problem

    valve adjustments = maintenance.
  8. shorts

    Onan 20 Valve seat problem

    It's not so much a cleaning the screen issue as it is the build up of dust and grass on the cooling fins and acting as insulation preventing proper heat transfer and cooling of the jug/cylinder. remember the oil filter and it's mounting pad change the way that the air flows and creates low pressure/velocity areas where the dirt builds up, the cooling effect on the oil filter is also necessary for engine longevity so if you move it to remote mounting it still needs to be in free flowing air and have long enough lines to act as a cooler. also make sure that the gasket around the filter is in the tins to keep the airflow where it needs to be
  9. shorts

    2014 Warsaw, Indiana Meet & Greet

    We're home safe and sound, Thanks to Scott and the Mehlberg's for their generous hospitality and everyone else that helped for another fantastic meet and greet and the opportunity to see old friends and make new ones shorts and sharon
  10. shorts

    Eye Trauma

    I used to have a service/safety instructor that had a pair of his own safety glasses with a 16 penny nail sticking thru one lens and a scar on his cheek to show how lucky he was. Kind of sobering and makes you a believer in using your PPE
  11. shorts

    Onan 20 Valve seat problem

    sorry, no free lunch, you choose fix it right or do a hack job and cross your fingers. My opinion is that the real problem is/was caused by a lack of maintenance keeping the engine clean so it could cool properly
  12. shorts

    Kohler M10 - some smoke

    chrome are hard, and usually on a stiffer base material, the cast iron rings tend to be softer, also the amount of tension engineered into the oil ring expanders make a difference. Unfortunately most of the engineering data on the ring packs is protected /unpublished data. with enough experience you will learn which manufacturers tend to market ring kits that will bore an engine in use or wear the rings out. also the metalurgy of the block material comes into play
  13. shorts

    Kohler M10 - some smoke

    There are 2 schools of thought on piston rings, relativly soft alloy that wears to the cylinder or a hard ring with lots of spring tension that will bore the engine as they wear. Its kind of a catch 22 thing but I lean towards the soft rings on the kohlers to limit wear on the block/bore.
  14. shorts

    Onan 20 Valve seat problem

    Geno,: the peen the seat in is a patch job on a good day at best, and you should know that after having an automotive repair shop for years. Take the engine apart and have your machinist repair the right way by replacing the valve seat just like they have been doing for years on all different types of engines from flathead continental industrial engines to state of the art aluminum engines for either production vehicles or specialty engines like an indy car or nascar engine with aluminum head.
  15. shorts

    2014 Warsaw, Indiana Meet & Greet

    I just reserved a room for fri nite, will see you sat am