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  1. SousaKerry

    Tax return wheel horse?

    We wound up with a pretty decent return this year so I wound up buying a new to me truck and one of my horses back. Several years ago I traded a guy at work the horse for an s-10 pickup truck. Truck went to the junk yard a year or two later and the Horse moved to another friend at work. The second friend moved to a new job and called me several months later asking if I wanted the Horse back with all the attachments. I told him I didn't have the cash at the time but I would look him up at tax time if he still had it. I called him a week or so ago and asked if he still had it and he tells me of coarse I do I have been holding it for you. So $400 later I am once again the proud owner of a 1976 (same age as me) C-121 mosquito fogger, with a blade a basterdized tiller, and two 42" decks one side the other rear discharge. Oh and a set of tires with chains on them. It is parked on top of a snow drift, under a tarp, as I can't get back to the shed right now with all the snow. All the attachments are in the back of my 2001 Ford Ranger 4x2 as ballast until said snow melts.
  2. SousaKerry

    I'm wondering how to extend wheel horse frames

    Took mine to work and put it in the band saw(after disassemble) Cut it roughly in half between the steering sector gear holes and the engine mounts. Added in 2 pieces 6" long angle iron clamped it all down to the welding table and pulled the trigger. Instant 6" longer frame. Now to make the hood longer that is another thread as I still haven't completed it.
  3. SousaKerry

    Buying a Watch in the 1880's !

    Nice story, but I bet Alva and Richard would have been horrified to see what Kresge(K-Mart) has done to their empire.
  4. SousaKerry

    How To Find Lost Objects, or variations on Murphy's Law

    You must have teenagers with crappy cars at home too. Went to go rescue the 19 year old the other day when his lower ball joint on his s-10 snapped in half. He always has half a ton of junk in his bed as he scraps whatever he finds for gas money. Well anyways laying right on top is a log chain that looks really familiar. Apparently Murphy put it there 3 months ago when I couldn't find it to tow a tractor with.
  5. Check it out. If your like me you have one of these in your car/truck already
  6. SousaKerry

    Donnies Accident

    Wow I have sat through several Arc Flash Training sessions at work, somehow those videos speak so much more then the sterilized corporate videos they show us.
  7. SousaKerry

    Ford F150 help

    I actually tried this exact same thing once. If your cluster is from the exact same year and engine it should work, however mine wasn't but the plugs matched. What I found out is when I plugged in the new dash with the tack my charging circuit no longer worked. And subsequently my truck would die about 2 or 3 miles from the house. I did find some useful information by searching the F-150 forums and had actually traced out all the wires on the film and was going to rewire the differences but there were a few leads that I could not trace and I was getting a major headache from it. I eventually scrapped the project and sold the truck. Good luck
  8. SousaKerry

    its it just me or has geno retired lol

    Hey Geno have you called Toro yet to ask what they want for the rest of the Wheel Hose stock parts and naming rights to produce more tractors?
  9. SousaKerry

    Ideas for hydraulics?

    Well you are in luck because mounted directly under your butt is a really big hydraulic pump. An Automatic or Hydrostatic drive tractor is simply a hydraulic pump coupled directly to a hydraulic motor. Now the difficult part is getting that fluid from the pump to your lift valve. Wheel Horse did make this an option and that is likely where some of your parts came from. You would almost need a junk tractor with all the right parts to make the switch though, it requires a different valve body on the main hydraulic pump and a few hoses. I think a few people on here have done the conversion but I have not so I do not know all the details.
  10. SousaKerry

    Gas Can Vent Mod

    Yeah F&*% the EPA make it work yourself ... Dang government always trying to keep me from hurting myself Now if I could figure out how to hack my old metal gas can with a metal hose so it doesn't leak I could throw out the plastic one.
  11. SousaKerry

    Single arm loader

    Hey that looks familiar wasn't there a thread on this a few years ago?
  12. SousaKerry

    Think it's fun being an "expert" ??

    Yup sure sounds like our marketing department..
  13. SousaKerry

    Tractor Letter Designations

    Was a time in NW Ohio when it wasn't considered a farm until there was a red Farmall H or M on it. My Grandfather drove one home brand new from the county fair in about 1947. Unfortunatly he sold it in the late 80's. Dad bought a used one for $500 in 1977 when he moved out to Ohio to take over the family farm. My uncle across the street had one and sold it to my Dad when he left town, Dad still has that one and uses it regularly for harvesting sweet corn and other odd jobs around the farm. I spent many hours on that tractor as a kid disking and culipacking. We had a row crop cultivator unit for it that bolted to the side rails, we also had a Buzz Saw that bolted to the side rails and ran off the drive belt. I have a special place in my heart for the older Farmalls and Internationals. Easy to drive and operate, good seat springs, power steering? nope didn't need it, cab? if you like canvas and cloudy plastic windows and your head and back exposed yes. AC? sure drive faster and bolt on the beach umbrella. Electric start? 6V ready to crank but if you didn't turn on the manual charging switch then you get out the arm buster crank. Magneto ignition never failed to fire or electrocute anyone who got too close. Anyone who has ever driven one in 5th gear knows that low whine coming from under your feet and will probably never forget it. BTW Dad never got a tractor with a cab until I was off the farm for about 10 years before that the big tractor was a 1963 Farmall 706 gas without a cab. We had one of those too but it was mounted to a Ford 960. I was too young to run it and it was gone before I was old enough but I remember it running and climbing all over it when it wasn't to a 5 year old that thing seemed huge.
  14. SousaKerry

    Things you see when you haven't got a gun!

    Well at least the wheels aren't painted yellow Just wait for the first hot day on parade duty and it will take care of itself and overheat due to lack of airflow.
  15. SousaKerry

    Totally disgusted

    After my wife got the shaft from Sears 2 months before Christmas, I will not step foot in there. I will break 5 cheepo Harbor Freight ratchets before I ever buy another crapsman.