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  1. Is your GT 14 equipped with an electric PTO?  I am trying to get the diameter of the tension pulley that rides on the 3/8" shaft bracket.  It is between PTO and deck on side of frame.  I am sure the belt is suppose to be 5/8" in diameter. 

  2. Brrly1

    C160, 175 original hours

    sold?? Still available??
  3. Brrly1


    Help comes in a lot of different forms. It comes in forms where somebody needs physical help, help with money etc. Yesterday during my adventure to Portland I just happened to have a flat tire on my trailer. Well first off it was as I got off at my exit to take about forty miles south on the highway. I approached a Firestone tire store and they told me No right along with the Walmart up the street No was there answer. If it was my truck then sure we will fix you right up. I even tried triple AAA to no avail. This will be there last year for that. At that point I called one of the people I was going to meet, Brandon Schamer came to my rescue. Brandon was looking for some xi attachments which I had a couple extra. Brandon stopped an bought a small floor jack for his car, also to jack up my trailer. Brandon got to me and the journey began. Got the wheel off and made the trip thru downtown Ft. Wayne to another Firestone dealership who actually carried the tire I needed. Got the tire put on and we returned to the Walmart parking lot to reinstall the tire on the trailer. We then unloaded the xi attachments. I have never been so grateful for the Help that I received yesterday Brandon just like I told you Thank you very much!! At that point I sill had a tractor to deliver. I called Derek W. up as he was packing up at Portland well that worked out good too, he told me too set tight and he would see me also at the Walmart parking lot. He came up and picked up the tractor. I am here to tell you when you need help the Wheel Horse people get together there's not a lot of things that can stop them. Brandon and Derek I hope you have a great day Thanks for being there. In case anybody wants to know I am now recovering from my second stroke, Wheel Horse people rule!! Thank you everyone, including Travis the salesman
  4. Brrly1


    Steve, are you going to Portland??
  5. Brrly1

    523Dxi w/power steering

    Very doubtful Eds! Its paid for!!! Making the trip very soon!!!
  6. Brrly1

    GT14 Tiller Mounting Bracket

    I'll have to look
  7. Brrly1

    Nice 48" XI Mower Deck

    Guess Toledo must be too far
  8. Brrly1

    Snow Blade for 520xi

    Toledo, Ohio there's one
  9. Brrly1

    Diesel motor - Toro 523 Dxi

    Sounds good, anticipation is killer going to put a blade on the not so pretty one!! I've already put a cab on the other xi, it's a 520xi (gas)
  10. Brrly1

    Diesel motor - Toro 523 Dxi

    Ok here's my million dollar question, does anyone who has or runs a diesel motor in the winter time add any fuel additive to there fuel tank in the winter time to keep the fuel from jelling or do you just leave them parked. I now have a pair of them, one that looks nice and then one that's not a nice (paint faded). Just curious as too what others have done. I'm thinking maybe just a couple ounces of the additive I add to the big truck?? Help
  11. Brrly1

    Nice 48" XI Mower Deck

    How about T town? I might have something for you Burly
  12. Brrly1


    You need to talk to either Glen the parts guy or Gene Simpson
  13. Brrly1

    523Dxi w/power steering

    I'll send a pm in the morning once the Internet is hooked up, made the switch Thanks Burly
  14. Brrly1

    523Dxi w/power steering

    Looks nice, can you tell me the hours??