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  1. 3 wheel horse tractors for sale. Wanted to get them going but the parents are sick of storing them. Bronco 14, with 14hp kohler engine and hydrostatic drive. I had it running, but could never get it to run right, it always seemed like it had a governor issue. C-161 with hydrostatic drive, missing front spindles and wheels, and seat. I think i have the PTO somewhere. 16hp kohler engine. I rebuilt the engine, but could never get to to run for more than a few stokes after the rebuild. Last tractor is an 857 that was given to me. I never really did anything with it. Definitely sat outside for a long time, but might be resoreable. Does have a mower deck on it. I will also include a mower deck in very questionable condition, and a custom (aka non- wheel horse ) plow that came on my c-175 and attaches to the tach-o-matic, but needs some welding. I also have some miscellaneous parts. 600obo takes everything. Feel free to make offers on individual items if you want something specific.
  2. No pics now because it's snowing, but I'm using my C-175 with a 44" two stage.
  3. c175inMA

    C175 dies after warm-up under load

    I has run with the points set that close for the past two and a half years i've owned it. It always ran fine, except once when the screws holding the air filter housing to the carb came loose and fell into the carb. They went through the carb and ended up holing the valves open so i had no compression. The reason i don't think it's fuel related is because it will run for a couple minutes at full throttle, choke off, deck engaged, before it dies.
  4. c175inMA

    C175 dies after warm-up under load

    Alright, so the manual says the points gap should be between .017" and .023" The engine only runs on partial choke when they're set in that range. They were set to .007" or so before i adjusted them. I will check the condenser and coils. Thanks for the input. It's much cooler here now, so i don't think it's vapor lock. I will check the ignition first. Thanks again.
  5. c175inMA

    C175 dies after warm-up under load

    Hi all, So the KT17 in my C175 is acting up. It started after I had been mowing for about an hour on a hot day. The tractor was running hot and started to lose power, and eventually died. Now I can start the tractor and mow with it for about two minutes before it bogs down. I can run it at idle, but it stumbles when I try to go to full throttle. I have never had any carb issues with this tractor, although it sounds like it is starving for fuel. I can see gas in my inline filter so i'm thinking the problem is electrical. Would the engine overheating cause this problem? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance, Paul
  6. c175inMA


    Are you sure the cylinder is leaking or is it the hoses? Mine were leaking from the swivel joints and the o-rings which is a pretty easy fix.
  7. c175inMA

    Sundstrand Hydrogear leak and ATF?

    Alright i did some more research and found out that either will work. Thanks for your help.
  8. c175inMA

    Sundstrand Hydrogear leak and ATF?

    Thank you for those links. I did do a search but i guess i didn't look hard enough. Does anyone know about the automatic transmission fluid? If it's not hurting anything i'd just leave it and not bother cleaning out the whole system.
  9. Hi all, I have a Bronco 14 which sat for a while. I got it running and within the first minute of driving the transmission started leaking fluid. It leaked a steady stream of fluid. The leak appears to be from where the speed control goes into the pump. Does anyone know where I can get parts? I believe there are a couple of o-rings that need to be replaced. Anyone done this before? The other thing i noticed when i removed the transmission and drained the fluid was that it had what appears to be ATF in it, not oil. Would running ATF in the transmission hurt it? Should i clean it out and use oil or continue with ATF? If i clean it out how would be the best way to do it? I also need to replace an axle seal so what i really need is a parts supplier right now, but any input would be great. I believe that transmission model is 90-2046. Thank you all in advance. Paul
  10. c175inMA

    Rebuilt K341 won't start

    Well i got it running It took a lot of exhaust valve adjustment, ignition adjustment, and cranking but it finally fired up. Thank you guy for all your help. I had to adjust the exhaust valve down to like .008" to get it to crank properly but it works.
  11. c175inMA

    Rebuilt K341 won't start

    I am pretty sure i converted the torques. I definitely didn't just torque the bolts to the in-lb specs except with foot pounds. The engine cranks fine with the sparkplug removed
  12. c175inMA

    Rebuilt K341 won't start

    i tried the thumb over hole trick and the compression and spark are coming at the same time. The rebuilt was new connecting rod, cylinder, gaskets everywhere, removed balance gears, cylinder walls were honed (still well within specs so no overbore), and the valve seats were ground. I will try starting the engine with the oil fill loose to see if it's the atmospheric vent. Thanks again for the responses
  13. c175inMA

    Rebuilt K341 won't start

    I will try the thumb over hole test. Yes the ACR seemed to be working
  14. c175inMA

    Rebuilt K341 won't start

    Thanks for the replies I tried a plug i know works. I took off the head and valves seem to be working properly. I have already adjusted the valves. Points i adjusted multiple times according to the manual. Both valves are definitely closed at TDC. Any other ideas?
  15. c175inMA

    Rebuilt K341 won't start

    it did the same thing minus the cloud of gas out the carb when i tried it dry. The ACR appears to be working correctly. I'm pretty sure i torqued the flywheel down to specs.