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    1 GT14 w/48"decks/tiller/snow plow,
    76 C160 w/48"deck/snow plow/snow blower/cab/tiller/sickle bar
    1 82 C195 3pt non runner
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  1. got to go with Eric on the restore, I would keep it in good driving condition and leave the rest alone. Besides the movie history and being in the best car chase scene of all time, that was his moms daily drive for some years. I had a 67 mustang fastback back when I was 16, I blew the trans for the second time and junked it for 35 bucks!, if I only knew then what I know now.
  2. refracman

    Onan valve sear replacement

    My engine guy does at least 3 or 4 a yr. The place local to me all you need to do is take the heads/ intake /exhaust and flywheel off. They charged him $100 for the last one.
  3. refracman

    C195 3 point question

    this is the link
  4. refracman

    C195 3 point question

    Yup they are the same except the 195 has a cylinder mount of the left side. I nodded a set to make the 3pt for my xi
  5. refracman

    1995 520H

    Sold! Thanks for the interest,
  6. refracman

    Super C

    BRF if you pm me I never recieved it. And yes it’s still available
  7. refracman

    1995 520H

    like it says obo so yuppers, ill send you a PM and ya its a 93
  8. refracman

    1995 520H

    more pics
  9. refracman

    1995 520H

    1995 520 H 650 OBO has gear reduction steering Tractor runs smooth and drives great. All new fluids and filters, fuel line, shut off and tank grommet. Valves ground and gapped, heads decarboned and new gaskets. it does have some rust on the top back of the hood and both guards have some and the crome on the air cleaner cover is starting to peel. Tires hold air the fronts do have a little cracking, didnt see any on the rears Seat has no cracks. Hour meter does NOT function any ?s PM me
  10. I bought a 06 last year and love this thing. you are right it seems the post 2010 are bringing good money. As for this one if it checks out like you said 12500 is high ya but your current one has 300K and with only 28K on it you have another 18 years before you have to start looking again. Yup its worth it jmop
  11. refracman


    Sending you a PM
  12. refracman

    1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    The PTO style in the firs pic, which is the old stye, will work when adjusted correctly and is easy to install. As for the carb, only one off a 14 or .16 hp engine will work correctly. and it should have 3 screws to mount the air cleaner backer plate. To determine if your carb is correct look inside from the air cleaner end there should be the number 30 stamped into the ventrua Looks like you the parts needed to get this old beast at least fired up. FYI, if the electric clutch switch is still functioning it has some value.
  13. refracman

    1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    What you have I believe IF the engine is original is a 1973 16 auto. That type of hydro control is the give away as it was only used in 1973 and the seat pan also. I don't think the 16hp is original because it has manual lift I have never seen a 16hp auto or a C160 auto without, its most likely a 12 or 10 auto originally. From 1973 and up it should have 3 safeties , one for the PTO control lever, seat and the brake pedal. I would not try to start as not only all throttle control linkage is missing but the governor linkage is missing also and could over rev the engine and scatter it.
  14. refracman

    1976 c160 auto

    Changed Price to New Price $425
  15. refracman

    1982/83 C195

    Changed Price to NEW Price 650