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    1968 raider 12 6spd
    comando v8 modified now with a brigs 16hp
    1974? B-80 stretch 2 seater
    1978 C-121 auto
    2 snow blades 1 42" 1 48"
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  1. rockinhorse

    Rim's for 953

    Chrishar Have you got money order yet? When you send part let me know what the tracking # is thanks
  2. rockinhorse

    Rim's for 953

    Chrishar Money order is headed your way.
  3. rockinhorse

    Rim's for 953

    I need your name right?
  4. rockinhorse

    Rim's for 953

    Money orders are just like a check but you get them from the post office . It's safe I gve the post office $55 and I mail you the money order and you take it to the bank and cash.
  5. rockinhorse

    Rim's for 953

    Chrishar Sounds great thanks so much. Is it OK to send a money order? thanks Karl
  6. rockinhorse

    Rim's for 953

    Chrishar Send me your address so I can send you your money. thanks Karl
  7. rockinhorse

    Rim's for 953

    Chrishar as long as they are 4" long in the middle were the bearings go like I have in my pictures send me the bill and I will get the money headed your way. Thanks
  8. rockinhorse

    Rim's for 953

    Chrishar Karl Stohry 1897 East 1000 South Flat Rock, In. 47234 thanks
  9. rockinhorse

    Rim's for 953

    Chrishar could you send me some pictures? Here are some pictures of a rim I am looking for . This one is off of a 1054 center bearing area needs to be 4" long and width of rim 3 3/4" wide were tire seats on rim. If your rims are like this one I will buy them. Thanks Karl Stohry home phone # 765-525-7105
  10. rockinhorse


    rmaynard OK small wire from positive side of solenoid to battery terminal on switch. wire from small lug on solenoid to S terminal on switch. wire from + ( pos.) side of coil to to I terminal on switch. wire from voltage regulator to R terminal on switch. Does this sound right? Also i used a voltage regulator from another w/h tractor will this work to keep the battery charged? From picture above of regulator do you think it was the right regulator? thanks for your help Karl
  11. rockinhorse


    GWEST_CA yes i think it got hot it melted the plastic pc . pretty good. It's funny the engine would still turn over even as bad as that looked. Haven't had time to mess with today. Do they make voltage regulators for wheel horse's that look like that?
  12. rockinhorse


    OK I got the pictures hope it sheds some light on the problem. I can not find any part # on switch. Let me know what you think, thanks Karl
  13. rockinhorse


    gwest_ca I have no idea what the box is . The 2 stator wires where plugged into it with the orange wire going to the ignition switch. There are no numbers on it . It got hot at some time to melt the plug.
  14. rockinhorse


    Save Old Iron the switch is a 5 spade switch. It has the same markings as the switch OEM 103990. But i could not find any numbers on the switch. P/o had a wire going from the Positive side of the solenoid ( big post) to a spade on switch. I wired engine like you showed me on diagram and put another voltage regulator i had on tractor but it would not start. With key on i could take 2 screwdrivers and jump solenoid and engine would turn over. Can there be more than on type of 5 spade switch? I will get pics soon and post them.
  15. OK i am starting another project tractor. I got a B-60 with a 16 HP kohler. Yes it sounds like over kill but i was wanting the engine. Engine model # is K341, Spec# 71179 serial # 2502701363. Where to start engine will turn over but very little spark. The B-60 is a 8 spd. 61-07K801 14890 6068. I think the p/o may have used the same voltage regulator i have pics. I want to switch wiring back to the basic wiring diagram like Save Old Iron helped me with ( see breakerless starter switch July 4,2012). From what i am told the B-60 had a 7hp kohler. My 1st question is will the voltage regulator on the B-60 work on a 16 HP engine? #2 is the ignition switch the same as a OEM 103990 ? #3 I looked up the voltage regulator on Kohler site and it did not give me an OEM #? #4 what amp stator is on the 16 HP ? I have found there are 4 different amp stators for kohler. The pics a the voltage regulator from the B-60 i think. I can not find any numbers on it. If this sound confusing sorry .