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  1. Got a good 6" + when they were only calling for 1 to 3. Didn't go out and play because had to fight bad roads to get home from work, got sent home 4 hrs early. Took an hour and a half to get home, then had to go and get my daughter and her car and get them home. They were calling for it to change to rain, thought maybe it would melt or they would shut the job down. Brought us in on time, then told us working 12 hrs till Monday. I hope like h--ll it all melts Eric j
  2. ericj

    What happened to my Electro????

    Sounds like the starter Bendix was stuck engaged, no new noise since getting it running ? Good luck Eric j
  3. When I was using my 99 314-8 I was down to using a 42" plow becuase of the front end push when angled. When I started using a 520 I started using a 48" all the time. Generally keep a plow on multiple tractors becuase I can, lol If we are getting a lite snow I've been known to slip a 56" plow on the front of the 520 or even a single cylinder tractor. calling for 1 to 3" in the morning, but, I've been working so many hours I don;t even have a plow on yet. Still trying to clean leaves. They are calling for it to change to rain by tomorrow evening so maybe it will all melt away. eric j
  4. ericj

    Leaf Management...WH Style...

    years ago before I bought my house and into wheel horses, I worked for an oil company cleaning oil furnaces, anyhow I was at this customer's house who had a wheel horse, which I thought was neat becuase dad had 2 of them, he had lots of tree's around his place. He told me that he waited for the leaves to fall and put the blade on his horse and pushed them all into the woods. I thought that was so neat, it blew me away. eric j
  5. if you can't start it do a compression test on it. if you can get it started gently feel both exhaust pipes coming into the muffler to see if both are hot. good luck eric j
  6. ericj

    Are my 520-H's worth rebuilding?

    pull the motors and pull the heads, you won't know what you got till you do. I have had several valve seats repaired / replaced at the local NAPA machine shop for about $ 100.00. So relax you may not be totally into deep yet. My bet would be that the 90 lost a rod and the 91 has valve issues. It could be valves just out of adjustment. If your 9 pins are still in tack and not burnt, you can swap motors fairly easy. good luck eric j
  7. ericj

    To Purchase or not to purchase?

    the only way to push a good eaton 700 is to put the mtl all the forward. they do nor push easy like the eaton 1100. see if you can jump the solenoid to get it to crank. the onan service manual tell you how to go through step by step to trouble shoot a non running motor. good luck eric j
  8. ericj

    Happy Birthday Jay

    happy birthday Jay !!!! @Ed Kennell that is my cummins, but it is an old picture, becuase I haven't used that flat trailer in a couple of years eric j
  9. ericj

    '61 Rock shaft removal tips needed

    Find a replacement and cut the old one out if that's an option Eric j
  10. sometimes when you crank a motor over with a low battery the starter will stick engaged. Try turning the motor over backwards and see it it frees up. What you describes sounds like a weak battery instead of a motor trowing a rod and locking up. good luck eric j
  11. ericj

    Tire Fitment Question

    A lot depends on the brand of tire you use. Carlisle run pretty close to size, other brands like deestone run smaller, the deestone's measure out to a 23x9.50x12 when mounted. The Carlisle balloon out some on the narrower 7.5 rims as compared to the 8.5 rims recommended for them. I've run the Carlisle's on the 7.5 rims with no problems Witch ever you choose put tubes in front the get go, good luck Eric j
  12. ericj

    Where have I been, and doing what?

    nice house but too many steps for me as I get older lol eric j
  13. ericj

    3pt Wrecker attachment

    sorry I've been real busy lately and just found this thread, here are pictures of the lift that I helped design and my friend Charlie Culley help build then welded up. Should have been a little wider to accept a 520 front tires. I also need to add some front weights to the ol D200 because it does tend to push the front tires in a corner. Depending on were the pins for the tires to set on it will catch a mower deck when lifted. I like the way your tire holders work and look, just like the full sized rigs, but this was an easy set up to make and works eric j
  14. ericj

    D-160 advice needed.

    how bad are the lines leaking and what lines are leaking like posted above. I bought a 74 D160 with Kohler single years ago. Turns out the manifold was leaking and had to find a replacement one. Once I replaced the line set, then the tractor wouldn't move. Seems like the PO ran it dry on oil and wiped out the pump. All if the pistons and slippers were shot. Luckily I know a guy that used to be a dealer back in the day. H e had me bring him a pump and hydro motor off a C series tractor and took both apart and made a working pump and motor for me. Unfortunately after using it awhile the lift stopped working, tractor still ran and drove but would not lift. Got tired of the tractor and sold it This is why the guys say to check the hydro before buying a tractor, good luck eric j