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  1. Docwheelhorse

    New project / adult "toy"

    Theres plenty of .410 lever shotguns out there made by Marlin, Winchester, & Henry. All based off there "30-30" models. Awesome for squirels and precision bird hunting... but all illegal in most areas for big game because a .410 slug is really gutless. I sent tons of emails saying "hey guys... scale it up and make at least a 20 gauge" same response every time... it wont sell. Thats the bottom line I guess Tony
  2. Docwheelhorse

    New project / adult "toy"

    @diesel cowboy @KyleLengerich Hello Fellas, My dad to this day uses a Mossberg model 185 BOLT action shotgun... they made zillions of them snd can be had in awesome shape for $100... They quit making them in the 70's... and just recently started making a new version with a fully rifled barrel specifically made to shoot the .30 caliber sabot rounds out of a 12 gauge shell. They really fly outta it and essentially is as close to a rifle as you can get in "no rifles" hunting areas. Plus theres a bunch of tube fed bolt guns out there thst where made for Western Auto, Sears, Montgomery Wards etc... you want a bolt shotgun new or old---THATS CAKE!!! Pic below is of my 2 bolt guns... top is Mossberg model 190 with sights for slug shooting and a poly choke---all the Mossbergs had a detachable box mag and where 2 + 1. Bottom gun is a .410 single sold by Sears... have no idea who made it. May have to run numbers and see. Its awesome for squirels etc... @pullstart Video will be forthcoming depending on weather Tony
  3. Docwheelhorse

    New project / adult "toy"

    Hi, barrel is not rifled... and gun is chambered for up to 3" magnums... 75 yards is easy. 100 is doable... a little pratice to figure out holdover is all I need. None of my shots on deer have ever exceeded 75... this gun will work out just fine. Look uo hicock45 on youtube and specifically "slugs 230 yards". He was shooting a smooth bore with "cheap" 2 3/4 shells and having no trouble making good hits wayyyyyyyyyy out there. Tony
  4. Thanks everybody for the kind words ... yah @Sarge a 4 door Charger is weird but yah gotta admit they did it right! Tony
  5. Good "freezing" evening people of redsquare... its 12 degrees in beautiful downtown Andover as @sparky would say. So besides Wheel Horses I am into guns... specifically lever actions of all types due to my John Wayne / Westerns fetish lol. Three or four years back I developed a real itch for a Winchester model 1887 or 1901 lever action shotgun. I wanted to build a slug gun for deer etc... In doing research I found that the 1887 was built in 12 gauge but with only a 2 5/8ths chamber (2 3/4s has been standard for ALONG time). If I bought one I could have chamber cut for the longer shells but the action becomes un-reliable with the longer shells. Norinco and Chiappa have made reproductions... the Norinco is cheap and junk... the Chiappa was modified enough to work properly but is EXPENSIVE it sells though because the cowboy action shooters want them. The 1901 was only available in 10 gauge and again a short chamber compared to "standard" 10 gauge these days. I gave up... a lever shotgun was not in the cards. Then one night on youtube I tripped over the Adler A110 which was conceived and built in Turkey for the people of Britain, Australia, Canada etc... where pump shotguns and semi-autos are illegal. They sell like hotcakes... Adler did go to SHOT show 2017 but never setup imports to the U.S. ---they figured the U.S. was pump gun territory. So... I did some research and found I could have one imported but again STUPID money ($3000!!!!). Again... dead in water. Then 3 weeks ago... OMG theres a few prototypes in the U.S. in Arizona! There not configured as the factory builds them---factory ones have screw in chokes (these barrels are simply finished cylider bore). The receivers on factory ones have a 3/8ths dovetail for scope mounts and accesories. These do not... Long story short... I made contact and was told... you buy one your on your own. No instructions, no warranty, no support no nothing... Suggested retail it s $795 U.S. I got this one for $300 shipped with tax and FFL paperwork done. I cant wait to add either a red dot or rifle sights... the 18.5" barrel will work fine for slugs out to 100 yards. Yippppppeeee and if your still reading Thanks! Tony
  6. My son wanted a Dodge (any Dodge) when he got his license. Found him a 1997 Stratus and he was pleased as punch. Said "someday I want a Charger". Well he's 18 1/2 works his ass off at Georgina's banquet hall and goes to colllege full time--and earns good grades. So.... with Mikes ( @sparky ) help we picked up my sons new to him 2009 Charger SXT. Congrats to him he deserves it and thanks Mike!
  7. Do you still have the pulse pumps for a K-181 engine?

  8. Hi Tony. Nice talking with you  Sunday. You have a email address? I may need a dash panel for my project. Not sure I can revive this one. Thanks

    1. Docwheelhorse


      Hi, email is docwheelhorse@yahoo.com




  9. Docwheelhorse

    seat pan

    I have a near mint complete seat and I'm in Andover... @Dennis C. gimme a call (860) 978-9039 Tony
  10. Docwheelhorse

    Turkey pics!!

    Hello All and Happy Thanksgiving, I voluntered to work my P/T job at Cabelas as my son was working too and we will have Turkey day later as a family... so... the Cabelas resteraunt folks put dinner together for all the employees working. In all the chaos they left one of the turkeys in the oven. My question is whether its done? LMAO... we all got a good laugh out of it. Tony
  11. Docwheelhorse

    Mower Deck 37" Side Discharge

    P.M. sent... please read at your convenience
  12. Docwheelhorse

    Southern East Coast

    Its my favorite part of country... I wish everyone good luck and I hope damage is minimal. Tony
  13. Docwheelhorse

    Your day could always be worse...

    Must be a U.S.M.C mouse!
  14. Docwheelhorse

    Your day could always be worse...

    Its several hundred yards from house... Ill leave him alone for now. He did get his bell rung im sure as one slug did go right through and crashed into other side. Dont know how he lived. Tony
  15. Hello all, Took my Mossberg 500 out and a box of slugs. Its that time of year and I added a scope to mine. Started smashing 1 ounce slugs at 1400 fps into 2 propane tanks I have out back. Man it caves in the side at a minimum and punches clear thru 50% of time. I hit both tanks and they go sailing and crash to ground. I pick em up to reset and this little guy is looking out all big eyed going WTF was that! Lmao... session over, Ill leave you alone (unless you move into one of my Kohlers!) Tony