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  1. Hi read your thread about the onan t260 you rebuilt. Great job, but was wandering if you ever put it in a wheel horse. I have the opportunity to buy a running one on the cheap and am curious if I can make it work

  2. As was mentioned above by Don @varosd, heat gun on opposite side is the easiest and quickest way..... no chemicals. I`ve never needed anything but the heat gun method.....
  3. Martin

    Condolences for JERSEYHAWG/Glenn

    So sorry to hear of your loss, Glenn.
  4. Martin

    Idle RPM for 520 onan what is it??

    If its at 1400 rpm now you are good right there..... From the 1993-96 520 Owners Manual....
  5. Martin


    That 520 looks nicer and nicer with every pic I see.........
  6. Even if just temporary, I would mount the filter on the cabinet or very close to it and at least have a run of flexible 10-20 ft between the compressor and cabinet. Always run the filters right at the point of use.....as the air lines will still pick up moisture as the air travels and cools as it moves further away from the compressor. Like squonk said, the air coming out of the compressor, even if only temporary is going to carry a lot of moisture. It will overwhelm the filter. When you do plumb in hard line, make sure to have a few drops along the way so gravity can be your helper to keep the moisture under control. That diagram above is a good example of how to plumb drops (the ball valves) in the system.
  7. Glad you got it sorted. Nice to be able to do it yourself and avoid the dealer and time with the tractor away from home! Saving $$$$ too!!
  8. Just another example of good shopping around. I used to support my local Toro dealer all the way, but some of the prices just made it an expensive proposition when rebuilding a whole tractor. I have learnt that its better to seek out the original manufacturers for a lot of these parts, Toro and Wheelhorse before them, didn't make everything. They used oem suppliers just like lots of other companies. I have found some real bargains by finding out which company made the part or had the contract for the part. Sometimes, its just a simple process of looking at the manufacturers name stamped or molded in the part and google searching. You would be amazed at what bargains can be had over Toro pricing. One such example that comes to mind is the rubber hood catches on the 3,4,500 series and many other 80s and 90s Wheel horse models. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/43225-416-adventures/?page=14#comment-438994
  9. That drain design has been used on many models since the 60s so it is not a design that is just limited to the 520 or Onan in general. I agree it is not the best design and looks ugly with all the fittings. The easiest way to deal with this (something that you can fix yourself, very easily) is to remove the drain pipes (nipples) and elbow, piece by piece and seal it as you reinstall. First, drain the oil from the engine. Next, you will have to deal with the 4 engine pan bolts that attach the engine to the plate on tractor frame, loosen the front ones until the nuts are flush with the ends of the bolts, take the rear ones out all together. Now raise the rear of the engine and place a wedge of wood or similar block of something under the pan to provide just enough clearance to get that elbow to rotate without hitting the plate. Now remove all of the drain pipe components, piece by piece. Clean old thread sealant from pipes and oil pan. Check threads for any damage or stripped condition. Hopefully over the years the nipple that threads into the engine pan hasn't been tightened so much as to damage the oil pan. The two pipe nipples are easily bought new if they need replacing as is the elbow and cap. Most times all that is needed is to clean the threads and reinstall piece by piece using thread sealant that is oil resistant. More than half of my horses (from the 1965 875 right up to the 1995 416s) have been purchased with this design of drain leaking. The biggest problem with the Onan engine is that it is aluminum, the pipes come loose more often than the cast iron pans of the Kohlers. With the aluminum though, the threads are more susceptible to loosening and damage.
  10. yes, I remember all too well the holding power of those long hubs!!
  11. The 953 and 1054 used 15" wheels. 6.40-15 tires- you can just see the size in the left tire in pic above.
  12. From what I remember when rebuilding my 1054, The 953/1054 axles use the 2" long key as well. The 953/1054 and GT14 hubs look the same to me. They are also significantly longer (cover more length of the axle) than any of the standard size 5 bolt hubs.
  13. Martin

    Prayers for Brrly1

    Prayers sent for John making a full recovery.
  14. Martin

    Sometimes in your WH life...

    Great find, Craig. Really like my C160......
  15. Martin

    Wiring diagram 416-8

    Other than fixing your fuse issue, I would go straight to the 9 pin connector down by the engine oil filter. Your non charging and start issues are more often than not 9 pin connector issues. Look for one of the pins to be burnt out or not making a connection, it will be the heaviest gauge one, most likely a red wire. The connector block will most likely need replacing as well. This connector position will be one of the 'corner' terminals on the plug. Other than melting fuse blocks/terminals, the 9 pin connector blocks are the biggest electrical pain in the a## on these models. I have dealt with all 3 of mine.