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  1. Did you get the engine mounted?

  2. Yes, engine placement is just for clearance of hood and battery any acc. Once you have the engine lined up with the transmission pulley you will probably need a new belt. Measure with the transmission engagement lever down (hydro) or clutch out (manual) . Easy way to measure is by cutting an old belt.
  3. If you going with OEM drive pulley you need to go from 1" to 1 1/8" . I made a bushing just wide enough for the pulley and bought an electric clutch with a 1" bore. Or you could buy another pulley with a 1" bore. For the engine mount I used 3/8" flat stock and clamped them where I wanted them front to back then used a straight edge to align drive pulley with with hydro. (mine was about 1" offset} Tested hood clearance. Then marked engine bolt locations, drilled and tapped, welded the flat stock to the frame. Engine runs so smooth vibration is not a problem. Hope this helps.
  4. Good point, most of the pushing is winter, but will look into electric fan addition.
  5. Sure is, so much power I usually run half throttle. I have been using it to plow snow and push stone/dirt.
  6. I am proud to be the Predator Pioneer, glad to see so many doing the conversion/upgrade. Aldon has taken it to the next lever for sure.
  7. You will be very happy with the swap, the Predator is a strong runner.
  8. Sorry I did not see this earlier, I went with electric because there is not side thrust bearing in the Predator. I fabricated the bracket. I ran a wire off the battery to a 15amp inline fuse. Installed a heavy duty push pull switch in the dash. Put a quick connector at the clutch.
  9. I run an electric PTO on my Predator and have had no issue, (have not had occasion to run lights at the same time). To my knowledge the Predator do's not have a side thrust bearing so I avoided the manual PTO.
  10. I had to do the same when installing the Kohler commander in the GT
  11. That's allot of beef up front, Are you adding a bucket?
  12. Nice swap and great header work!