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  1. chev0545

    416 hydro

    1997 450hrs.48"deck,new front tires,new plow blade,serviced,excellent cond.also a new seat.includes weights & chains
  2. chev0545

    314 h

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. chev0545

    520 hood

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. chev0545

    520 hood

    early 520 hood without louvers it was painted.can ship
  5. chev0545

    314 h

    1997 500hrs,solid 48"deck,new tie rods,serviced,runs great,seat is being recovered
  6. chev0545

    1991 416-8

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. chev0545

    Sources for Genuine parts?

    i use pat's small engine in mn.7.95 flat ship rate.they are always cheaper than anybody else.
  8. chev0545

    1991 416-8

    853 hrs. 42" side or rear deck new front tires carb.just cleaned runs strong
  9. chev0545


    i believe it's the original drive belt.has over 800 hrs on it.i'll check it tomorrow/ thanks
  10. chev0545


    on a 416-8 when i go t take off it about jerks me off the seat.any adjustment? don't remember another like it. thanks
  11. i'm interested in the deck shipped to 17745 fastenal.give you $25.00 for straps.have pay pal.


  12. chev0545

    Mill Hall Wheel Horse

    there are still some nice wh around my area.i travel around a 200mi. radius.i collect some & flip some.my retired hobby.there hasn't been a dealer here for yrs. thanks
  13. chev0545

    engine stops

    after the new ing.switch the problem still existed.did some more research&read about the stater & trigger switch.pulled the flywheel.it was so packed with dirt you could barely see the stater.cleaned everything up & hoping this fixes the issue.it even charges better.
  14. chev0545

    engine stops

    the problem was the ign.switch.one pole was completely rusted
  15. chev0545


    looking for a 9 pin connector both ends.prefer w/ leads