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  1. I also try to repair things myself and I probably would have already repaired the end of the cable but I thought it might require a special tool to crimp it. I had Don's Hardware put on a new end today for about $1.50. Then I put the cable back on being sure to apply petroleum jelly to the end. Thanks to all of you guys for all of your help! Dave
  2. Thanks for the reminder. I will be sure to do that. Have a great day! Dave
  3. Hi Tractorhead, Actually the battery terminal appears to be in good condition. I will however give it a good cleaning with a steel brush before I mount the new cable end. Thanks, Dave
  4. eibbed

    Attach cup to spindle

    I neglected to mention that I used a 5 ton pulley puller I borrowed from Auto Zone and applied heat to the pulley neck with my blow torch. Once the pulley was removed, I tapped the spindle down with a hammer and block of wood and finally knocked it through the housing with a tap or two on my punch. Everything is now working great. Thanks again, Dave
  5. Hi Eric, Whenever I am at Ace, Lowes, or Home Depot etc. and they don't have what I want, they"ll usually say "Have you tried Don's Hardware." It is located about seven miles from me and I get in that area often. I am pretty sure Don's will be able to make up and sell me a new cable at an affordable price. At least I hope so. Bu the way, what gauge do I want? I'll let you guys know if I have any luck.. Thanks again, Dave
  6. Thanks Squonk, I will be sure to do that. Dave
  7. Thanks everyone, Although a new cable would be nice, I found it to be a tad expensive. Instead, I am going to try to replace the end sometime later on this winter. Dave
  8. Hi guys, As you can see from the picture, the end of my battery cable on my Toro 522XI is bad. Should I replace it with a new cable, or should I repair it? Thanks, Dave
  9. eibbed

    Attach cup to spindle

    Thank you Cleat and Garry, The cup and spacer are on the spindle. Cleat, per your suggestion, I polished the spindle and put anti-seize on it before putting it back on. I will put the blades on in the morning when it is cooler. You guys are great! Dave
  10. eibbed

    Attach cup to spindle

    Hi Cleat, Tomorrow I will do what you have suggested. Dave
  11. eibbed

    Attach cup to spindle

    I tapped the spindle up again and spun it around. I don't think it is bent. The tip looks out of round and that is what was deceiving me. When I tap the spindle up, it catches, requiring me to tap it for it to go back down. When it is down, I have to tap it a little for it to go up.
  12. eibbed

    Attach cup to spindle

    Now that you mention it, I think it may be bent a little. Could that be keeping it from dropping out the bottom?
  13. eibbed

    Attach cup to spindle

    I removed the pulley and tapped the spindle down with a hammer and block of wood. I can move it up and down by hand, but it will only go as far down as what you can see in the photo. It acts like it is catching on something but I don't know what it could be. Any suggestions?
  14. eibbed

    Attach cup to spindle

    No luck yet. I put heat on the pulley and tapped on it with a hammer. I held a 1 1/8" socket on a breaker bar on the bottom hex nut. Then I put a nylon choker around the pulley. it slipped. Next I put a ratchet strap around the pulley. It slipped too. I put PB Blaster on the top of the spindle for it to soak tonight while I try to come up with something that won't slip. I don't have an old belt so I am trying to think of something else. Dave
  15. eibbed

    Attach cup to spindle

    Hi Cleat, Unfortunately, I didn't get to work on the mower deck today. I am looking forward to working on it tomorrow. and will keep you informed. Thanks again for helping me. Dave