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    Hi Ok this is what I know about Batteries for these little guys. If you are using the E81 to cut grass, The best bang for you dollar and the beast fit is "Floor scrubber batteries. You will have too check the size because as you know there is only limited space. This is also a costly proposition they are around $200 each.. If how ever you are only looking a playing with this guy and riding it around at show then Deep cycle 12V camper batteries work really well they are much cheap, small so they are easily installed and even have a handle for carrying them. This is what I us in my "Electric Bathtubs" which I use mainly for shows as they are my "mini golf cart". If you not crazy a full charge will last the weekend. I would however invest in a 36V charger like a " Soniel" if you using the floor scrubbers and working the unit. . The on board charger if they are working will destroy your batteries since the can overcharge them if you are not careful. It is also pretty easy to charge each 12V batterie,with a 12v charger while it on the E81 just disconnect them so you are charge one at a time. Keep them charged, clean and the water topped up and a set will last you for years Nope You are probably think of the E-141 (1980) which has 6 12V batteries. All electric tractors form the 70s were 36V either 3-12V or 6-6Vs
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    Can't wait to see the pics!

  3. Yup I am back and Yes I am the Canadian guy with all the Electric Wheelhorses. I'll post some pictures soon, I am hoping that in this section we can talk and problem solve Electric Tractor issue and hope some of you will add a, one of two Electric Wheelhorse to you Stable. They are great machine for both work and showing and they are simple the best for riding at a tractor show. 

    But for now I am just say Hey and I had a great time at the 2016 shoe and I am 99% sure I bought are spectacular E-141. Deal is till in the works. 

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    Hi I am the collector in Canada You speak of, Infact I am 99% sure that this picture is one of my 3 E-141. If not somebody got a shed and a tractor that looks a lot like mine. The E-141 was a 1980(s) electric tractor and was built with want appears to be the odds and ends for the Wheelhorse parts bin. It is not an Electrak per say, which were built in the 1960s and 1970s by GE, Wheelhore, New Idea. The E-141 is well describes in other posts, and is some what of a 10 Point Albino Buck in terms of collecting. Not in the least because pullers like to cut them up for the Uni Drive Transmission. It is built like a tank and weight close to 900 lbs with a full set of batteries. It has the attach a matic. system hooking up equipment but no belt drive so it is limited to the belly mower deck with three electric motors or non power equipmnet like plows. I now have two I sold one to a collector in the south I really didn't need three of them. If you want more discussion ask away. Geof
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    Sign-Up Sheet for the Show

    Hi Just signed up but I going. Geof Thompson (GeofThompson)