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  1. SKC120

    Stephen from Scotland

    Hi Steve, Have you checked for Local suppliers?. Hi there, I've spoke to my local dealer (not far away) and I'm going to see him next time I'm home. Have you had any dealings with getting old spares through your dealer from the States? Later
  2. SKC120

    Stephen from Scotland

    Hi there, Check out photos of hydraulic pump set up on link. 3 point linkage off just now, will post photos when it's back together. G/box is terminal without some spares. Can you still get them in the US? Gears worn, cracked, teeth missing and needle bearings all over the place!!!! Think I've sorced a box just waiting for confirmation. But if I could get spares I'd would re-build it as a spare. Later
  3. SKC120

    Stephen from Scotland

    I'll post some more photos (3 point) once I get it back together Later
  4. SKC120

    Stephen from Scotland

    :banghead: for everyones reply. Think I've managed to up load some photos. I did think (hope) it might be the selector fork. Might have a go at the hubs and box while I'm waiting for a box. I'll let you know how I get on. Latter
  5. SKC120

    Stephen from Scotland

    Hello there, I'm Stephen living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Bought a C120 8 Speed at Christmas, had great fun plooin the snow for few days then had some starting issues. Eventually got them sorted and then started to play with the hydraulics / 3 point linkage (retro fiited by a smiddy I think) Got them working and fitted the plough. Wouldn't win any competions but managed to turn the ground over.(saved 3 days digging with the spade!!!!) Next morning started her up and jumped on, no drive and strange noises coming from gear box, gears don't want to mesh. To cut a long story short, took the G/Box out and while trying to pull the hubs off broke one. Devastated the plan now is to get a new box with hubs (anyone got one at a resonable price?),get her going and then have a look in the box latter. Never new anything about ' s before and am pleasantly surprised the following they have. Only had her a month and I'm bitten. Thanks for reading