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  1. BadDad

    1100 special

    Well I need to know more about the cable set up for the 11 hp briggs. The governor spring. Does it have one or two? Also there is a little black box I think it is a voltage regulator.. How do I check it ? I have added a picture of he cable set up. Any help is much appreciated. I would like to have an owners manual or a copy of one.Thank you Donnie.
  2. BadDad

    1100 special

    Am I the only person that has a 1100 Special tractor? Is mine the only one left?
  3. BadDad

    1100 special

    I am looking for someone who has a 1100 special. It has a 11 hp briggs on it. Type(0198-01) code 79031511 md: 252417 It has an other md: 01-11B803 -16087. I think it is a 1980 tractor. Just would like to talk to someone who has one.
  4. BadDad

    1100 special

    Thx every one for the info.
  5. Model # 01-11B803 year 1980 eng. ID 52417-0198-01-79031511. Ok I have said all that too ask a question. The tractor is in very good shape I am the 2nd owner. I have notice that when I am going down a little grade that the transmission goes into free movement then it will pick up and pull on its own. it does this while mowing in the yard, it is like it goes into neutral for just a little bit. Can some one tell me what is going on?
  6. BadDad

    Help C160

    I have a C 160 8 speed. I bought a new drive belt (7473) from parts tree. The old belt kept coming off the pulley when I would push in the clutch. Well the new one is doing the same thing. Has anyone else had this problem, and what did you do to fix it ? Thank you for your help Donnie
  7. BadDad

    800 Special

    Well I got a starter generator. It is going back together slow. I need to locate a gas tank & build a wiring harness for it , & then it will ready to try.
  8. BadDad

    800 Special

    Here are some pictures of the engine that I have for the tractor. One picture shows the frame where the engine mounts has two rubber mounts. The engine I have has a flat plate to mount the engine to the frame. The book I have shows the left side has two rubber mounts & the right side has two spacers. So I think the ones on my frame are the wrong ones. What do you all think? Also as you can see I will be looking for a starter generator.
  9. Hello Donnie here. As some of you know I had my frame stolen in front of my garage. I had all the parts ready to go back together and the frame was gone. I was at a loss as to what to do next. So I made a post on Red Square asking for someone to sell me a frame. I had three people answer my post. Wheel-Mule, m151a1 & SpecialWheelHorse. I want to thank all three of you for answering my post. A real BIG THANK YOU to SpecialWheelHorse, for selling me the 800 Special. Also want to thank the people behind Red Square without them none of this would have happened. I am putting up some pictures & will post more as the build goes along. Donnie.
  10. Hello Donnie here. I did an 855 wheelhorse & it was all powder coated. I like the way it turnout. I have done others with spray paint in a can, and they didn't last very long, look good at 1st. You can see the restoration of my 855 at this link. It will take you threw the entire job. Good luck on your restore. My Webpage
  11. BadDad

    Rain, Rain, and more Rain

    Here in Texas our lake is 23ft low on water. They have told us that this is the worst in 25 years. I don't get to mow much but I have a lot of nice days to work on my tractors. Hope you dry out soon.
  12. BadDad

    Hello All !

    grimmnar Glad you made it here. The picture of the car is it 1965 or what year & make. I have been looking for a 1965 pontiac catalina. I had one in high school, don't see to many of them. Oh well glad you found us.
  13. BadDad

    Part on ebay

    Well I have been a little under the weather. Not anything real bad but enough to slow me down. I have heard of JB weld but I don't know if it would take the pressure & keep the belt tight. but If I can not find the back part of the gen I will try it. Thank You Donnie
  14. BadDad

    Part on ebay

    I have been looking for parts to restore my 800 special. I was on ebay & I saw the belt guard for the 8hp Briggs. So I bid & won. Paid for it with paypal. Well to my surprise a starter generator came in the mail. Now I only paid $9.95 for the belt guard. The starter generator came in broke. I have talked to the gentleman that sold me the belt guard about the generator. He is going to send me the part that I won ( belt guard ). I told him that I would keep the generator if I could find the part that is broken. I will fix it if I can find the part. So I have said all of this to ask if anyone has the back part of the generator & would sell it to me. Here is a picture of what I have, & the broken piece .