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  1. varosd

    520h throttle problem

    Others have squeezed the rivet with channel locks or also preened it with a hammer i bought a 416 and the PO had this elaborate cut out metal piece that swung down to lock the throttle in place it took me more time removing it than simply squeezing the rivet to fix it.
  2. varosd

    520H year ?

    And don’t forget the Mule drive
  3. varosd

    WH 516-H

    Wasn’t the 312A with the Easton 700? others will chime in
  4. varosd

    WH 516-H

    518,516 didn’t come with hydro lift. Just the manual lift. They did have the weaker Eaton 700. The 520-H and 520-HC of that model year had the stronger Eaton 1100 with hydro lift
  5. varosd

    Deck attachment, 520H Wheelhorse

    The throttle issue is common you will need to get behind the “Dash” plate. The rivet loosens up i removed the throttle knob with a claw back a hammer and 2x4 wood. Unscrew the throttle from the dash. I just squeezed the rivet with channel locks. Some preen (beat on it) with a hammer. Some drill out the riveting and put a nut and bolt. Better than the usual bungee cord throttle engineering you see. Welcome to RS
  6. I will be the tree hugger today: try to minimize oil, antifreeze,gas etc run off most car wash places forbid it. down the drain and we then forget about where it goes but it’s going into our water source and our trout etc i bring all my drained fluids to local shop to recycle ♻️
  7. varosd


    I love my Onan’s Like all things, you have chevy, Mopar, Ford etc etc clean everything change fluids etc etc
  8. varosd

    My biggest D

    Oh my!! ah, hmmmm?!? 😏 under WH tractors or “other brands” ?
  9. varosd

    Put on new ignition switch

    Pull the connection off the back of the ignition switch and inspect: a lot of times it’s just cruddy connections.
  10. Not worth $500 note the air cleaner cover lying on the floor in the first picture. It goes inside the pretty chrome air cleaner cover to actually cover the air cleaner. Possible carburetor mice in there if you got it as an extra 520 parts rig for cheaper it might be ok a quick hose down does not equate to NOS. Keep looking
  11. Only used on 520 dont need it for 416
  12. varosd

    Picking up two today

    Wonder what’s with the throttle “limiting screw”? didnt want to redline it I guess😎
  13. varosd

    Picking up two today

    Black hood?
  14. varosd


  15. varosd

    New shop lights

    Has anyone tried the LED replacement bulbs in the old fluorescent fixtures? looks like your old fluorescent light fixtures have to be the older style magnetic versus a new were electric Ballasts